Something Strange with My Body Weight

like 2-3 days after a h.i.t workout session i get a sudden weight loss
then another 2-3 days later i regain some weight
i do not know how to interpret this
do i keep it continual by working out before the regaining of weight?
or is the regained weight muscle mass?

Water weight or it could be hormonal

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I agree with @fitafter40 that it is most likely water weight to be so sudden. If I were to look to a “gauge” it would be your strength the next workout and not my bodyweight. If strength suffers, that would be of much concern to me. Overtraining is my first thought.

I don’t recall any training that I did that caused a sudden weight loss (with the exception of a sudden drop in weight when starting to loose fat for a bodybuilding contest. Sometimes my body tried staying its weight [inertia], but could suddenly respond some time later with a step drop.)

how am i overtraining if im doing 1 set of squats chins and dips, 3 total sets every 14 days

i think it is fat loss than muscle gain because i am stronger workout to workout. and why would i lose water weight every time i workout the following are complete rest days.

i tend to feel really good mentally after a workout like for the 3 days, even though the body is fatigued. mentally im not depressed at all, that goes away the days after and that is when i also regain the weight. do you think it is a hormonal thing stemming from depression?

I always drop 1 - 3 lbs a couple of days after a workout and then regain it a day or so later. It’s only a change in stored glycogen and water. Easily replaced with some carbs, water and sleep. If you’re trending upwards over the longer term (and your waist is not getting thicker) the increase is likely to be muscle. If you continue to trend downwards over the longer term (and haven’t cut calories) you’re simply not eating enough food on a daily basis to maintain any growth you may have stimulated. In that case try increasing your daily intake by 100 calories.


I have read somewhere that HIT does something with the hormones, cant remember where, sorry

Water weight fluctuates all the time from day to day…how much are you losing and regaining?

I like the glucose theory too

i don’t think it has anything to do with depression or that was’nt my assumption in my first response

Overtraining ?? You aren’t over training and if you were what would be your next step - two sets every 14 days or the same three sets but every three weeks ? The over training thing is one of the most over used excuses in the HIT community.

My guess is the weight fluctuation is water weight. My weight fluctuates like that all year long. How long have you been training ?

I overtrained on a three set workout many years ago when I was at the stage of not wanting to hear or read about anything other than HIT methods. I ‘progressed’ down to twice a week workouts of SLD, Dips and 1 Arm Rows one day and Squats , Overhead Press and Chins the second day.

My intensity was ridiculous … each workout left me useless the rest of the evening … I’d fall asleep right there on the cold concrete with my dog licking my head . When I’d wake up an hour or so later I’d go right to bed.

Got NOTHING out of training like that other realizing what an asshole I was doing in doing so. And now as you can see , all or most of the advocates for HIT advise not to train that way.

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wow thank you for the info this was breakthru to hear from someone else.

by the way i am trending downwards, more muscle is showing in the mirror and strength goes up if i don’t add sets , if i do add then i remain the same strength. i would like to lose waist size so i have to trend downwards.

seems to be a fluctuation between 212-215-217, that is the range. high end is 217 low end is 212. usually am 215.
i don’t know if it has anything to do with the neurochemical benefit of exercise. i know however i am most motivated to workout again the first 2 days after a workout session, then if i wait too many days i don’t feel like working out. so restraint is necessary for progress but then motivation goes away if i wait too long. lol

So why are you waiting two weeks to train again ? What other activity or sport puts two weeks between training sessions ?

You’ve read too much about overtraining. What makes you think you need two weeks between ten minute workouts ?

Unless of course , this is a scam post and I’m that naive to believe it …
and if so, you got me


You are experiencing inflammation, which is an effect of resistance training.


No it took me the better part of a whole year to figure out my recovery rate , i couldn’t believe how many days i would have to take off from exercise to see progress again. As always i would see some progress then no progress at all in lifts. It wasn’t until i started cutting down my volume to 1 set of deadlifts every 10-14 days that i saw progress, and then i switched to squats chins and dips every 7 days, no progress again, but doing them every 10-14 days is working. Now another issue is fast twitch vs slow twitch fibers, apparently fast twitch fibers atrophy if not trained with a certain frequiency, this i have noticed in going 20-21 days between workouts, my lower body strength increases but my upper body strength decreases. So i have a new plan which may work or may not work, doing squats chins and dips every 10-14 days, and in between that doing chins and dips just by themselves to keep the upper body muscles (which are fast twitch) from atrophying.

no i am not trolling, i have lost 20lbs and look more muscular then i did at an even lighter something is working… for me the consolidation routine was a breakthrough


It’s fluid fluctuations. It’s not fat loss nor fat gain, nor muscle loss, nor muscle gains. None of those can occur that rapidly.


Muscle loss can happen rapidly and so can muscle gain
fat gain can also happen rapidly

Only fat loss cannot happen rapidly-

You may be right though it can be fluid fluctuations

anyways i am back to 218

You cannot burn pounds of fat at 3500 kcal rapidly
You cannot though degradation lose pounds of muscle tissue nor add pounds of muscle tissue through net protein synthesis that rapidly.

As i said you cannot lose fat rapidly , what are you arguing about here?

And yes you can lose muscle rapidly and gain muscle rapidly.

get sick and see how fast your body loses muscle mass,

and yes you can gain muscle rapidly, muscle gain can happen in bursts not always in small tiny increments overtime.

This is all well established stuff, Arthur Jones wrote all about it in the nautilus bulletins.

Yes, if someone is very sick and barely eating, they can lose muscle pretty fast, not 5 lbs in 2 days, but still pretty fast compared to normal atrophy.
Muscle hypertrophy (not regaining after being sick and starving) isn’t fast. If you are refering to Casey that’s not even close to the same thing. He had a bad reaction to antibiotics and was sick, he lost a LOT of weight, then he started eating and I’m sure back on the PEDs and training so he regained a lot of muscle, water, glycogen and intramuscular fat pretty fast. Normal gaining will never be like that.
But well established would be peer reviewed medical journals with repeatable results, not an equipment inventor who trained people.

Thats typically cell volume reduction from glycogen depletion.

Dry muscle or actual structure is only lost under extreme circumstance. Its expensive for the body to create, and the body does a lot to preserve it.

Both anabolism and catabolism take place constantly as a function of metabolism, which is why it appears that muscle is lost or gained on a regular daily or observable basis.


that doesn’t make much sense since the body does a lot more to preserve fat

muscle loss is observable via strength loss i don’t know of which other way you can be sure.