Something So Small Yet So Profound

The time was 11:39 and I was sitting in a doctors office waiting room with my wife waiting for the nurses to call us back. My patience was wearing thin for the simple fact our appointment was at 10:30 and we had been there since 10.

I look down at my watch swearing to myself another hour had passed, no it had’nt only 5 minutes. I look over at my wife and started to mutter some words when the door swings open and nurse yells “Mary”. Finally!

We walk down this long hall way, rooms are on our left and right. The hallway walls were littered with posters with subjects pertaining to women and their vagina and the problems that are associated with it. There was one on birth control, another on sexual diseases, another on strange discharges. Yes, if you have not guessed my location yet I will finally reveal it to you. I am at the GYNOCOLOGIST with my wife. “The fourth room to your left” the nurse says.

Let me back up and give you all the history why I was here to begin with. My wife and I have been married for over three years and been together for six. Six months ago we mutually decided to start a family. So about a month ago we found out we had successfully conceived a child and that is why I was at the “GYNO” with my wife.

We listened to the nurse and went in the room she directed us to. My hands are sweaty and I’m a little anxious. I was a virgin to the whole gyno thing. It was my first time “back” into one of the rooms. I did not what to expect and most of all I did not know what I was about to see. I had some pretty wild thoughts running through my head. Just then an older nurse came in and pulled these sliding rails out of the table my wife was sitting on. She told Mary to “go ahead and take your bottoms off, and I’ll be back in a moment”. Mary does so and she gets back on the table and she looks at me and says “baby are you ready” as if to comfort me when I’m the one who should be comforting her. I stumble out the phrase, “I guess”. In comes the nurse turns off the lights and lays Mary back on the table.

I should also tell you all the specific purpose we are here, not just the cause. It’s ultra sound day, the day where we see our child for the first time. She is only eight weeks so she is’nt showing yet and it all does’nt feel real yet. I mean if you can’t see it aint real right? The whole pregnancy had’nt hit me yet. All that was about to change.

The nurse lays her back and inserts the instrument and she begins to measure vertex and length and width. A few moments of fuzziness play on the screen as we both eagerly began to watch in hopes just to see something that resembled a human form.

“There it is” the nurse says. A smile broke on my face like a morning sunrise, slow and steady. I nod my head in agreement and began to rock back and forth on my feet, stepping closer to the moniter with every rocking motion. My heart fluttered as I saw our miracle for the first time. The nurse says to us “if you like that you will love this” and she hits the button to turn on the sound and all of a sudden the room was filled with the sound of heartbeat. Oh my God, I almost cried, I would have if I wasnt in so much shock. I felt so many emotions that were so new to me. I could only describe them as “father” emotions. That moment I realized I was a father, and a heat wave of emotions flew all over me. It was the best feeling I have ever felt and had the pleasure of experiencing. I can only imagine how the actual birth would will go in August.

The nurse wrapped it all up, gave us our videotape and pictures, and said “see dad it wasnt all that bad now was it”. I must confess T-Nation, no it wasnt all that bad and I cant wait to go back in twelve weeks to see what kind of emotions the next ultrasound will throw upon me.

I just thought I would share that with you guys and gals out there in T-Nation. It may even bring back some memories of the first time you all may have seen your little one for the first time. By the way that reminds me of the post titled post your own powerful images. I got one powerful image handed to me yesterday in the form of a 3X5 fuzzy picture of a child only three quarters of an inch long in my wife’s womb. Now that is inspiring, at least to me it is.

Greatest feeling in the world. Congratulations.

Nice post, congratulations :slight_smile:

How I remember that day. Surreal is definitely the word to describe it. Just wait until you see the face and digits for the first time.

You did a good job making the story come to life with your writting. Congrads on the baby, thats awesome! Good luck and keep us updated

Congrats dude! That is awesome. Your story definitely brought back some memories for me. Back in the day they give us a VHS tape of the sonogram and I took it home played it over a few times. My wife thought I was crazy in an endearing way. Wait till you see your child being born. That post will be a duzy.

Awesome. Mazel mazel.

Out standing! Being a father has been a great and rewarding experience for me.

About the sono. If you have an opportunity to get a 4D sono, do it. It will freak you out. I believe I have pictures on my hard drive at home that I will try to post here.

Congratulations and get ready for a severe bout of sleep deprivation.

[quote]MaloVerde wrote:
Congratulations and get ready for a severe bout of sleep deprivation.[/quote]

Eh, only the first three to four months…if you’re lucky.

[quote]lostinthought wrote:
Awesome. Mazel mazel. [/quote]

Good Things…

Great read. And congratulations!

Wonderfully written.

Hope this comes out. But this is the 4D sono I was talking about.



I’m so jealous of your picture and video!

We just got the traditional blurry pictures of our daughter, and that was only 3 years ago.

[quote]SWR-1240 wrote:

I’m so jealous of your picture and video!

We just got the traditional blurry pictures of our daughter, and that was only 3 years ago.


Thanks, these are actually from early 2004. I just wanted the OP to see what technology is available and how cool it looked. We kind of lucked out, my wife is a Labor Nurse and one of the doctors hooked us up big time.

Congratulations. Soon he’ll want to borrow your car!