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Something Slipped When Squatting

I was doing speed squat with overly-arched back,heads up and overall emphatisizing a unusual great form when something blocked into the middle of ny spine. I will go see a chiropractor (you can get an appointment anytime bc they are not busy where I live) a soon as I can but now it’s the weekend and I must wait.

I didnt have a great posture but now I feel like I am stuck in a great posture. It hurts whenever I protract my head (like doing “yes” motion) and when I protract my thorax a little (like when you put yourself in the foetus position)

Anyone got a few pointers on what to do before going to a professionnal? I am going resume my day at the gym because I am obsessed with training and I feel like a schmuck if I dont do my legs

Thank you

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Ok thank you for your time

Btw finally I havent trained after this accident yet. I feel like someone who ate too much ice cream but I guess it could be much worse.