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Something other than bench

I recently started doing King’s Limping and Super strength series. One of the things that is new to me is his insistence on rest and rotation of exercises. It seems like a great idea.

But if I get serious about rotating through different exercises, then I’ll need to find good replacements for the many versions of the bench press.

What other kinds of chest exercises do ya’ll recommend for those weeks when I’m not benching.


dips and the different hammer benches, medx has some great pieces also. peace

jpb - Hey bud. I basically never do ‘Bench Press’. My elbows don’t like it when I use bars, so instead I use DBs. I’m on the final stage of IKs Limping/Super-Strength programs, and my advice here is to just leave it at DB bench presses rather than get any more creative with alternative exercises. The reason being that he uses all these other exercises somewhere along the line (Flys, dips, etc…) and you don’t want to double up. Cheers.

Is it ok to just flat out substitute dumbbell benches for regular bar benches? The bars play hell on my wrists.