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Something ... Odd.


So, I'm not really prone to seeing weird things like ghosts or UFOs or whatever. I fully accept that other people might see things that can't be explained, I honestly have no problem with that. It's just not the sort of thing that happens to me, or at least not that I know of.

Until now.

This past Friday night I was driving North on 367 out of Cabot, AR when I saw something in the sky. Whatever it was happened to be falling out of said sky, at about a 40-45 degree angle traveling roughly West to East and it was on fire.

I suppose that this could be explained easily enough, meteorites or somesuch would have seemed fairly reasonable. The problem was that the fire was green, like something that might come out of a Roman Candle. I've never seen any such thing as a green meteor, and I kinda flipped out.

I called everyone I could think of and asked them what it could be, and nobody had heard of such a thing as a flaming green meteorite, so they all basically said they "believed" me, heavily implying that they did no such thing. I was pretty upset, and agitated, and confused, so I called 911.

Then of course, I had to explain "the nature of my emergency". Oops, I hadn't really considered whether or not flaming green shit falling out of the sky was an emergency or not, so I had to come up with a reason for calling:

"Uh.... has there been any report of a .... plane uh, .... crashing in Cabot or anything?"

From there I had to attempt to explain what I had seen, where I was, and what I had been drinking. (By the way, it was that fuckin' Game Fuel from Mountain Dew, and it was disgusting, completely aside from any hallucinations that it may have caused, thanks for nothing Pepsico!)

So the rest of that night I was all paranoid, watching the sky for ... something. I don't even know what I was looking for, I was just kind of completely wierded out. I had only seen this thing for less than a second, but it wasn't like I "just caught it out of the corner of my eye" or whatever, I looked right at the damn thing and it was definitely falling, and it was definitely green. I was sure of what I had seen, but I was also pretty sure that what I had seen made no fucking sense, so I was pretty conflicted.

I did manage to get to sleep that night, and by Saturday I was able to function without it consuming my every thought. By Saturday night I had more or less convinced myself that I must have seen something other than what I thought I saw.

There were no news reports of meteor sightings or people being replaced by body snatchers, so I just assumed that I - I don't know - had something in my eye or my windshield got shat upon by a passing lighting bug or whatever. No big deal, just forget it.

So Saturday night I go to a small outdoor concert in Searcy and I'm standing by my car calling my wife to find out where she is, and THERE'S ANOTHER ONE!!!! At this point I nearly crap myself, because I just saw another flaming green thing fall out of the sky, and I'm surrounded by a couple hundred people who are all facing the wrong direction to see it! Dammit! No fucking witnesses again!

My wife is starting to really worry about me now, like I'm being haunted by meteorites or something. She wants to know if I'm having headaches or if my eyes hurt. I don't know if seeing flaming green things falling out of the atmosphere is a symptom of any particular mental disorder or brain dysfuction, but it really bugs me that nobody else saw it.

The second one again seemed to be falling West to East, and again was leaving a green trail. When it got close to the horizon, it seemed to break apart. This one seemed to be farther away than the first, but I also was able to see it longer, but still less than two seconds.

I've done some googling today and found that green meteors, although rare, aren't actually impossible as I first believed. So that's not so bad, but it seems that seeing two separate instances on two consecutive nights like that is pretty wild, and it had me totally freaked out all weekend.

The end.

Edit: This Page creeps me out worse than what I actually saw, now that I think about it:



No idea what you saw, but that link was great.


Sooo...you're from Arkansas?


Haha ohh so that's why we made ICBM's haha to shoot down them aliens! Could it not have just been circling the sky not crashing to earth, such that it's a satellite or even more possible it could just be the old crap that is being replaced and sent into our atmosphere to burn up?

I wouldn't worry about it too much man, if we are being invaded we here at T-Nation will ban together and kick some alien ass. lmao


Very well might have been a satellite re-entering the atmosphere. With all the different metals in them that burn at different temps. The 2nd one a bit unusual or just a wild coincidence.


Has one or more of your relatives/neighbors already been abducted, and if so, did they get the anal probe?


Is that a standard option ? Where is this knowledge when I need it ?


You saw a meteorite. I've seen dozens of meteorites over the years that ranged from a brilliant white to a yellowish green. It's the different elements in the thing burning at different rates. Get out in the middle of nowhere away from city lights during the annual Pressid (sp?) meteor shower during August and you'll see all kinds of "weird" shit. It's pretty cool.


Yeah, I figured I should have left that part out. I don't guess it's particularly relevant that I was pickin' on a banjo and repeatedly counting the six webbed toes on my left foot while drinkin' moonshine and spittin' terbaccy at my three-legged dog who was layin' under one of the eight junk cars in my front yard just a few minutes before I saw the first one.


Only in Arkansas. There's a markup for the lower 50 states, and it's a luxury item in Alaska and Hawaii.

It's in the Pilot's Guide, UFO, English Language version.


The martians are tossing out the stowaways...


True. I have seen plenty "falling stars" and they have ranged from white to orange to green. And it is the elements that make up thing that causes color change.

Of course, you see a lot of strange shit in the swamp.


Heh.... "illegal aliens".


When I was in high school, I took a walk. During the course of said walk, I said a prayer and asked for a sign.

I looked up and saw a meteor shower.

I still didn't get what I asked for.


Doen't every abductee get the probe?

Kind of like a "Welcome on board,enjoy your stay" type of complementary free gift?

Just how I understood it hehehe


Probably because there's no such thing as a god.


You're doing it wrong.

What you need to do is steal the sign you want, and then pray for forgiveness.


There is a local legend in a Montana town that I grew up in. Maybe it's similar elsewhere. One of the local mullet-wearing cretins was abducted by aliens, blinded, and transported to an alien headquarters/mothership that appeared much like an earthling barn. He was anally probed for hours, while the aliens communicated in a language that sounded very much like human laughter.

Weird stuff. I hope I never get abducted!


It's ok, you're from the south, that's pretty much expected.