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Something New to Try

Try using chain hanging from your wrists to add weight at the top. I do this on rep day has really helped with my lock out.
100 dumbells 80 chains each arm

Great idea man. What did you use to connect the chains to your wrists ?

I just started doing something similar with a mini-band wrapped around my back and DB’s in each hand, because the DB’s didn’t go high enough to keep my reps where I wanted them.

It really forces you to drive the DB as quickly as possible to push through your sticking point.

The litte things the chicks use to attach to there ankle to “work there inner and and outer thigh” lol

Yah using bands on dumbell presses is good too but i like this much better works stability so much more and is easier to load up.

100lbs of chain 100 dunbells

20 lbs of chain big difference

I had just finished a heavy 3 week was with bannds of the bench so on my deload rep day I still wanted to go heavy while giving my shoulders a break. The chains will allow this I find bands don’t give my shoulders a rest where this does … + I am lazy and got stick of getting the 150+ dumbells out lol

give it a ride


opps forgot this lol