Something New To Train For

I have a horrible problem of spreading my training goals way too thin.

But anyway, I was curious if anyone else trains for things out of the ordinary.

But I’m considering training to make the practice team at my college (USC), i’ll never play but I could have my name on the roster, and use the weight room (bumper plates yesss!). Charlie Francis’ forum has been a GOLDMINE for sprinting information as well as just entering search words in Elite Fitness’ Q&A section. Hell I’ve been awake for days now cause of that haha.

I am in love with MMA but I see myself getting farther and farther away from that goal, but I"m going to stay conditioned and strong.

What I may do during the interim is something fresh, but still with mma intensity. I’ve trained with them before but I’ve never fought in a “Gathering”.

Train and fight in perhaps the May “gathering” for the Dog Brothers. I already train with single & double sticks from time to time, but I think i would come with a kendo sword and fight with that as well just for shits and giggles. If you’ve never heard of it I reccomend you google the site. It’s a really a T-man type of activity.

Think fight club on Test/Tren

Well I first trained for 3 reasons

  1. To whoop my brother’s ass
  2. Football
  3. Nothing else really to do.

All those things kind of fueled me, but its fizzled out by now and now i train just to be strong. But I never wanted to limit myself to just weights. I’m trying to get into boxing, more strongman, and anything to make myself stronger, faster, and sound physically which will help me mentally. I train cause there really isn’t much else in life I love.

Besides, none of this training can hurt you. It can only make you a better man and a better person. Also, you get more of this than a mother fucker who just sits on his ass all day.

[quote]WolBarret wrote:
I train cause there really isn’t much else in life I love.


And the church says…AMEN

(by the way that picture really made my day, goddamn)

And kudos to your FSU girls photos