Something Like Eccentric Less Training with a Sled

hi guys,
i want to share something with you which i consider to have an likewise effect as training with a sled (i do NOT consider this to be a substitute)
so here’s what you do
buy some/have some resistance bands (i have bodylastics) attach them to a pole or whatever and for example do a rowing motion. Once you are at the contracted position you walk forward to where the band is attached to remove the tension and the forced eccentric resulting of that.
You can change the height where the band is attached and simulate the different movements.
i dont think this works good for the lower body but for the upper.
So what do you think?

It seems like it would be easier to buy the new elitefts short bands, loops them around something, then let go after the concentric. Otherwise there’s way to move foot movement involved for this to be useful (aka you’ll only be able to complete a rep every few seconds, which to me is wasting time).