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Something Is Wrong with My Body


My diet isnt perfect. I dont think I can make it perfect at this point in time in my life as things have been stressful. Anyway, lately I have been noticing something that has been going on for about 2-3 weeks now that has never happened before. When I eat a big (not even that big. Tonight for example I had two chicken breasts with sauce, a hot pocket and some milk) meal, about 20 minutes later I will get EXTREMELY tired. So much so that I cant concentrate, I cant do anything intellectually demanding. Sometimes, if I am stupid enough to sit on the couch while feeling this way, I will pass out for about 4-6 HOURS!

Im really concerned. I think this may be a symptom of diabetes. Im only 23 years old and I am not even that over weight, maybe 25% body fat at most. It doesnt bother me when I do sled work or anything demanding. I usually feel fine after my workouts.

Any ideas???


Hot pocket??


Well you already stated you won't work on your diet much, so I guess just live with diabetes?

Or you can clean up your diet.


You cannot autodiagnose Diabetes

Feeling tired after a big meal is a common issue, it is often caused by liver fatigue. I don't have a miracle cure. I got the same problem, after meals I feel very sleepy. Sometimes after lunch, I am unable to work for 2 / 3hours...

Stay low on fat, alcohol & medication / complements (anything that can cause liver fatigue). Work on your digestion (eat rested, sitted, doing nothing other than eating) and diet... Not much to say.


^I chuckled^

You eat supper then sit on the coach and fall asleep?

Let me guess, you recently graduated college and got a full time job?

Welcome to the rest of your life...


Eat less, eat cleaner, eat foods with nutritional values opposed to hot pockets. Also 25% bodyfat is damn fat and not optimal, unless you're a chick.


Same as this but also try lowering your carbs. I get very sleepy after big meals so much that it felt like I got hit with a tranquilizer dart. Very annoying and frustrating. Going low carb eliminated it almost completely. No more mid day dying to nap slumps.


Hot pocket = lots of refined fats and carbs
Milk = sugar

At 25% BF, your insulin resistance is probably terrible. What this means is that your body is very inefficient at processing carbs, especially from crappy carb sources like hot pockets. You need to clean up your diet and get rid of carbs for a while.


You know, I read this thread and I only have one thing to say to whoever made this message:

"""You eat supper then sit on the coach and fall asleep?

Let me guess, you recently graduated college and got a full time job?

Welcome to the rest of your life...""""

I'm actually a graduate student in aerospace engineering. I am going to be studying turbulent flow phenomena. Four days a week I work out, two of which I dedicate to sled pulling and pushing. Soon, if things work out, I will also have a part time job as a calibrations technician in addition to my grad school work. So that means im working all the time, probably more than 60 hours a week.

On top of that, unfortunately, I have a serious medical condition which requires me to take medications with adverse side effects. Have you ever hear of Seroquel? Look it up. It fundamentally changes how the body metabolizes fat. I'm lucky, I only gained about 15 lbs on it. I also just got off another medication which raises prolactin levels, also causing weight gain (and potential tumors on the pituitary gland). People on other forums report as much as 50lbs in a MONTH with no change in diet.

So yeah, I acknowledge my diet isn't perfect - I absolutely love food. I am making a effort one day at a time to change my habits. I'm even following one of the articles on this forum.

And you know what. Next time you speak maybe you should think before you come off as an arrogant clueless fool.


What do you want people to tell you? Your diet sucks and you feel like crap as a result. Some people are fortunate enough to be able to eat what they want for the most part and feel fine, you don't seem to be one of them. You started off your OP by making an excuse, doesn't cause people to take you too seriously on a site dedicated to being above average


To think if you would have put that much effort into your original post you would have been taken seriously to start.

Also, if you have a "serious medical condition" that effects how your body metabolizes fat put it in your OP FFS.


No kidding..if that's true it would stand to reason that it's part of the problem, why wouldn't you mention that?


Sorry about my posts

1) I was manic when I posted those. It doesn't help I am changing my meds now and I go off the wall bat-shit crazy if I am even slightly annoyed without them.

2) I think my doctor got his degree from McDonalds University because he is giving me meds without tapering the dosages and sometimes prescribing double the FDA recommended dosages without consulting me. It has been hard trying to keep calm because I refuse to take his meds until I get a second opinion.

3)Ive started improving my diet. Threw out hotpockets and bread.
Yesterday I had: shrimp and chicken with Sriracha sauce, small salad, 1 hardboiled egg, turkey sausage with sweet peppers.

Today I had: Caesar salad with cornbread and a small Mahi fish steak when I went out to eat, turkey and cheese sandwich on flax flat bred, grilled cheese on flax flat bread, a mixed drink, a hardboiled egg.


I'd give the new diet a couple weeks to a month to decide if it's working or not. You're body will still be working through the less than ideal stuff you've put into for a while and you might crave it too. When I started eating healthy and lifting, I initially felt kind of sickish save for the couple of hours after working out. But after a while I started feeling way better. It's basically breaking an addiction.


Sticking with low carbs should help a lot, if i have many for lunch at work I struggle through the afternoon. Have you tried protein pulsing? I feel much better after work if i have 1 mid morning and 1 late afternoon, although i do add some dextrose to mine.


It would be helpful to figure out how many calories you're taking in daily. That way you have a set point to make adjustments in the future when fat loss stalls.