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Something is Seriously wrong


Following Judd's post about digestive problems I felt desperation to open this up for any advice as I might have a similar problem. Similar only, as I have no problem with appetite. I however have had serious gas problems & bowl pains from suppressing them when I'm working in the company of others. I can't do any sort of abdominal exercises or crunches at the gym because of the chance of breaking serious wind. I know this might seem hilarious and no doubt will place a new label on the author of this post, but this is a problem. It exists, it's relevant, and I'm sure other men must have had this problem too and I'm therefore seeking any advice I can get.

I keep well away from eggs usually and I only eat them to occasionally to test if they're adding to the problem.
I don't eat large amounts of broccoli. Ever since I truely started eating big and eating clean 6 weeks ago, this problem has been getting worse. It's effecting my work, my gym performance, and my overall being that should be super amped to get back in the gym and hit it hard any chance I can. I now only do weighted crunches at home.

This sucks and there must be a way around this. Could it be the Whey powder as was suggested in Judd's thread? I have been supplementing 3 shakes a day with EAS complete whey. Yes it's not a Biotest product as I can't afford them where I am.

Any Real input would certainly be much appreciated. Thanks.


sounds like lactose intolerant. do you take in alot of dairy products?


Do you drink milk, or eat dairy? Sounds like maybe lactose intolerance. Drop the milk, or add lactase enzymes (Lactaid) and see what happens.


maybe you consume too much fiber, if I eat more than 30 grams a day I get farty.


Yes, 3 shakes a day is probably too much and will cause gas, especially if you have it prior to workout.

Dump the milk and go easy on the beans.


Hey bro,

I was surfing the channels one night and came across a science show where they happened to be talking about farts. Of course, as a true T-Man, I had to stay tuned in.

Basically, they were saying that certain foods are broken down by the bacteria the live in your intestine (large intestine I think) that produce gas. This is totally normal, but certain foods can accentuate it. If you search the web I'm sure you can find out what these foods are to see if you're eating them. (Side note: Don't search using the word "fart" or you'll end up at FARTS.COM which is also a great site, but not what you're looking for).

Oh yeah...and try dropping dairy too. That was a good suggestion.


On a similar note, I've noticed that a low-carb diet causes less gas, at least for my system. Anyone else notice this?



Less lactose, less beans. Less things that can potentially cause farts on a low carb diet.

Dan "Highly Scientific" McVicker


The reason there is less gas while eating low carb is that the "bad" flora and fauna living in your intestinal tract start to die off when refined carbs/sugar is removed from your diet. These bad bacteria are the cause of the intestinal gas and bloating......kind of a byproduct of their ingestion.

Try adding in some acidophilus and eating low carb and your problem will ease up.

Vixen with no fear of tooting while doing heavy squats and deads. ;o)


Honestly, thanks for replies, I appreciate the integrity.
First, Im a beanstalk so I'm focusing on bulking. Im eating plenty of carbs like yams and oatmeal and practically never touch refined carbs. I went super low on milk this week, and I had still had gas problems and pains. I somehow suspect the vegetables, as I sometimes put a meal together that doesnt have all the lettuce cabbage n leafy greens in it and I feel less bloated. Somethings amiss and its driving me nuts.

Dropping milk products from my diet is gonna be another kick in the ass. I dont eat tuna cos i cant handle the taste, i eat very little beef, cos its the same price as gold in Korea, and I dont touch eggs cos they turn me into a volcano, and cottage cheese is non-existant here too.

So my protein choices are limited. This bites. Seriously.


Dan: When I do eat carbs I avoid beans completely and have, at most, 2 cups of milk with a protein shake, but really its more like 1 cup. And still....

IM: Thanks, that makes sense.

Apprentice: Would you have access to a product called Lactaid? This is a pill that you chew (you can just swallow it, too, but chewing is better) and contains the lactase enzyme which helps digest lactose. I myself am lactose intolerant and this stuff works well for me.


I can certainly vouch for whey shakes giving me more wind than usual. And that's only one a day, certainly not three. But I can't say my farting has ever caused any serious problems.


Try chewing your protein shakes. I recall reading an article on T-mag about how that helps you digest the shakes.


grains are hard on the digestive system if not soaked or sprouted. not sure if you eat any of those. doesn't sounds like it.

perhaps you should try to eat some of your food raw, like eggs if you can get a clean source or milk (it's hard to find, but if you can it's worth gold). just eat small amounts and increase the amount if you can handle it. cultured dairy is usually ok too, like yogurt, kefir, sour cream (the real kind). small amounts at first though. also HARD cheeses, as these types of dairy have low or no lactose left in them.

maybe some digestive enzymes (supplement) taken with your meals til you can get your stomach back on track would be in order. or even acidophilus capsules.

also, try not to drink a lot of water with your meals, or soda or anything like that. 4ouces of liquid (100ml) is a good amount. otherwise you dilute your stomach acid, which would be bad.


a big up for the replies. Really stoked people ddn't mock but offered some decent advice. I'm gonna try implimenting some of these.