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Something Irritating!

In one of his recent post, Brock brought up one of those little petty people in life that just seem to irritate me like a bad rash: the person whos diet and training are crap; yet they put themselves up as some “supplement guru” by flaming and demeaning others because they have had success using a supplement that this “guru” considers “crap” or “a piece of sh*t” or “don’t buy that crap; it didn’t do NOTHIN’ for me!”. I will often see that SAME person coming in the gym with coffee, bagels or doughnuts, and THEN proceed to do more socializing and “2 inch squats” than really working out. Now…there is a lot of junk out there, I admit…but does this person irritate you when you listen to them either in the gym or when they appear on a board or forum?

Relax dude. People like that do not phase me they never wreck my smooth. They used to get under my sking until I realized they were just exhibiting behaviors that I fought in myself. Just take a deep breath and realize that luckily you do not have to be like that. Be peaceful and content by yourself then others will not bother you. OK as much anyway… No one is perfect and sometimes you will throw over the tables in your fathers house…

You’re right, knuckle…but I guess we all get these little “burrs in our shorts” every once and a while. It just bugs me to use a supplement that works well (along with adequate training and nutrition), then to have some “doughnut eatin’-2 inch squatter-Gym Fat Boy” come along like some badass and say “That stuff ‘ya usin’ man, is a bunch-a CRAP! It didn’t do SH*T for me, man!” But I keep on keepin’ on!

Consider the source, Mufasa, consider the source.