Something Good Actually Written About A Supplement!

Good thing you’re already sitting down.

This is an article about a study on creatine, which found vegetarian subjects taking 5g a day had a boost in their intelligence.

Yeah, but it didn’t boost it enough to get them to eat a steak. Progress is progress though.

Ya gotta start somewhere.


It’s a chicken and the egg thing. Predators eat meat and on most scales are more intelligent than their prey. So did the predators have to get smart to sneak up on things and kill them so they can eat meat and get even smarter?

You have to admit it doesn’t take a lot of gray matter to sneak up on grass or leaves. Imagine walking through a forest or grassland and instead of waving greenery you see it all as food. The whole world is your buffet table.

Sure there’s lions and tigers and bears (oh my!) but that would be pretty easy on your brain cells.

Now imagine you’re the lion, tiger, or bear (oh my!) and you have to not only find food which not only mobile and in lower density but flees when approached.
More stress in general and definitely more brain power required to pull it off and avoid starvation.

All in all I’ll stick to eating the meat with the creatine in it and staying smarter than my horses, if only barely.