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Something For The Wolves To Tear Apart

No, it’s not me… I just happened to be browsing YouTube, saw this, and said to myself, “wow, the guys at T-Nation would go batshit over this!”

So, without further ado:


ha ha… not as funny as this video that was in the related sectio though…


The elusive skinny high school kid finally caught on camera. Right up there with big foot and nessie.

seriously, if i ever film myself doing curls with my fan club present, then I am going to off myself.

I found one that’s even better…

Totally jacked dudes moving huge weight, and listening to some ear-blistering thrash metal.


This was in there too.
Hey, at least she’s having fun.

I couldn’t open the other video with the fat chick on the treadmil because I would have to log in and I don’t think I have a loggin there yet, but I’ve seen it before and it’s great.

I don’t…that was…what did the…ummm…


I’m sorry, I don’t want to be that guy, but words can’t describe the degree of doucebaggery that kid has pouring out of his gaping asshole after he was gang-raped by all of his boyfriends in the prequel to this film.

I believe it was called “My Developmentanal Workout.”