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Something for Appetite Suppression?

Hey all!

Was wondering if anyone would share their experience with something that totally ruined your appetite.
I can’t do stimulant fat burners anymore. And can’t handle much caffeine.

Getting lean is incredibly difficult for my body type. I’m 6’3" 275lbs. I have to eat like a bird to lose anything it seems.
I’ve lost around 20lbs of fat the past 4 months, and don’t know how much muscle but I have gained a lot of strength.
Been on TRT 200mg/wk for 8 months.
Last month started a cycle of test 400mg/wk and Masteron 200mg/wk
Its just something I got for free and decides to try it. Was killing my appetite at first (and my sleep)
But now my appetite is back to normal.
I’ve heard orals like var can kill your appetite which is a side affect I very much need.
Anyone have experience with this?

You could try 5-HTP, which is a natural appetite suppressant. I doubt it will “totally ruin” your appetite, though.

I am assuming you have the obvious things under control, like eating loads of protein and not drinking calories.

Liothyronine can dramatically increase your metobolic rate, but too much is catabolic and can cause some mood and sleep issues.

If you’re not able to easily loose weight, I would get your TSH, FT3, and FT4 checked.


I carb cycle and on my low carb days, Which probably most of you think this is completely stupid, I smoke, I’m not a smoker nor am I addicted, But it really does help me throughout the day and helping my appetite.

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Hey thanks for your reply.

I have taken 5htp for the past 10 years. It doesn’t do anything for my appetite.

I’ve never heard of Liothyronine I’ll have to look into that and do some research.
I have had my thyroid function checked, as well as T3. But not free T3. And that was on the low side of things. I’d rather just try taking something to boost it.
Was wondering about things like synthroid and thoraxin.

Don’t mess with cytomel (liothiromine) unless you need it as it can impact thyroid function, and it should be used by advanced users, unless you have a thyroid condition.

I don’t know much about drugs for appetite suppression, but I can recommend things like eating low calorie dense foods. Before eating things I like I eat a bunch of blueberries for example (which I also like), then eat less of the burrito, burger, pizza. .

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Personally, 50mg of drol, after a week, will reduce my appetite so badly that I can’t get even close to my meeting my macros. I’ve tried it twice and quit after a couple of weeks each time for this reason. It also has happened with sdrol at 30mg after a few weeks. Haven’t noticed it with anything else.

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Hey man
Thanks for your advice. It’s not stupid actually I’ve heard of MMA fighters doing this. Good suggestion

Okay thanks. I was hoping there was something more mild. Because I’m pretty much scared of orals. Worried they will screw my liver up.

I did take anavar before, and had a test that showed my liver enzymes were elevated. And the doctor was scaring me saying she was very concerned about it. Was not a great doctor, kind of dumb and lacks knowledge about steroids or hormones. But I need to get that test from 4 years ago and find out if my enzymes were elevated to a super high degree, or if they were just slightly elevated. I’m betting they were slightly elevated, and the doc was just being stupid.

But ya taking something like dbol or adrol seems so damn toxic. Just worries me

Okay thanks. I don’t want to jack up my thyroid for ever. It is already bad enough.
I have thought about taking a small dose of synthroid or something though. I’d have to do more research to see if it can ruin my thyroid.

I have taken Anavar at 40mg for 3 months at a time with no kidney or liver values out of whack on my bloodwork. But everyone is different. And who knows if what you’re getting is what it’s said to be. I suspect my lipids were trashed (didn’t test) but no organ issues showed up.

The idea is that drol and sdrol are much more toxic so the liver cranks out more bile to break it down and that causes appetite loss and nausea. I wouldn’t touch either again. I’ve never had this issue with tbol, anavar or dbol.

Thanks for your reply.
And really? You were taking anavar and your liver values did not change?
Your gear sounds bunk to me if it had no affect on your liver enzymes.
Did you take something like N2 guard?

Has anyone else taken var with no liver affect?

Nope. No change in liver values. And no liver support supplements. And it definitely was not bunk.

If you read peer reviewed journals on oxandrolone you’ll find that it doesn’t always cause liver issues. There are lots of studies out there if you want to research it. This is because it is mainly metabolized by the kidneys. Two that come to mind is one study that showed moderate to severe increases in liver enzymes by only 5% of the study group. Another had slight increases in 2 of 32 patients that returned to normal by the end of the 6 month trial. Lipids is a different story, though.

I suspect a lot of people with crazy liver values on Anavar are getting winny or something else and don’t know it. My EGFR was on the low end but not terrible. This could have been from excessive protein intake, though. So I requested a cystatin-c test instead, to be sure, and it was normal.

My opinion on liver is this: everyone is different. The only way to know is bloodwork but, generally speaking, if you feel crappy on something it’s probably doing a number on you.

The source I get my gear from has been pretty damn reliable. But I did wonder myself if I got winny instead of var. Since var is so much more expensive to manafacture.
I’d be surprised though. I’m guessing it’s against the rules to hint at what site i go though?

Correct. That’s against forum policy.

Just curious, please don’t ban me, but why is that against policies? Is it a liability thing or something else? I have noticed a few other forums with the same policies.

You risk not having a forum anymore if it’s place where people go to find out where to buy illegal substances. Plus I’m sure there’s possible liability and I doubt any legit sponsors would want their brand associated with that kind of place. (That’s my guess, I’m just a fucking genius though)

Right. That makes sense I suppose. I think the laws are pretty stupid, esp regarding Test which the body produces naturally, but thats the law. The sponsorship esp makes sense. I guess I was thinking about places like reddit that are like the wild west of the internet. They say or post anything there. It seemed a bit strange that we could openly discuss the use of illegal substances, dosing and safer usage, but not where to get products that are actually what they say. Thanks for the response.

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The pharmaceutical industry has done an amazing job of demonizing steroids and steroid users to protect their financial interests. Keeping the subject taboo by lobbying the FDA to keep these substances illegal is just part of their business model. They do this all the time.

They want you on t4 because you’re obese, SSRIs because you’re depressed, Viagra because you’re impotent, Ambien because your sleep is poor, etc. A 10.00 vial of testosterone will likely fix these issues and more, when administered properly. They don’t want that. They want you sick and on treatment until you’re dead. That’s the real reason for these laws.

Do you know of anyone that has died from taking Test Cyp or Anavar? I’ve never heard of ONE.

How about Vioxx? Roughly 50,000 dead the last time I checked. And NO ONE went to jail.

That, in a nutshell, is why the laws are the way they are.

Sure Dallas Carter died. But his biopsy showed his test levels were 550/ng per ML not DL. They had to verify that wasn’t a mistake. Because that comes out to 55,000ng/dl. This dude had to be taking like an entire vial a day. That’s just insane.

And according to the stupid doctor I was going to some years ago.
Wouldn’t prescribe me testosterone because it would “shut down my own production” and she asked a urologist who said he knows of guys that take it for body building, and they end up passing out and dying from a stroke.
So ya, both her and the idiot urologist don’t know what HCG is. My test levels were at BEST… Early in the morning when they’re highest. 321ng/dl with a normal range of 348-1196ng/dl
Lol what dumb ass doctors. “it would shut down my own production” well no fucking duh!. That’s the whole point of replacement. My own production is already failing me.

And before this I have NEVER used any kind of hormone or roid.

But anyways. According to them they know all kinds of lifters that die from strokes. He’s probably just referring to ONE instance he heard of, with no proof it was testosterone that caused a death. Some kid was probably taking a gram of test, while snorting meth with a pre existing heart condition. Then he dies and they’re like “he died from taking testosterone!”

You can’t really overdose on either. However, the amount of high level BBers, PLers and Strongmen who die of “congenital heart failure” is far above average levels. Now some of this comes down to being larger than they should be, but data also does show a dose dependent relationship with stuff like left ventricular hypertrophy.

Smoking cigarettes hasn’t really killed that many people, but lung cancer has. Same thing with AAS and heart disease.