Something Easy On the Legs?

I hurt my leg. (I won’t bother w/ details here). I will need PT; though, in my experience, if I saw the doc today, they’d just say rest 4-8 weeks and see how I feel. I’m going to give it 2 weeks because I thought I probably needed it even before the latest injury.

I cannot squat, DL, clean, extension, or curl without pain. Hell, walking doesn’t even feel great yet.

In the meantime, and likely during the rehab, I need a routine.

My goal is strength and I’m running toward the end of an LP program. Current strenth:
rep out on Bench at 190-195 for around 7-9 reps
OHP is around 165 for a triple
rep out on a set of pullups around 6 at 220 lbs (which I’d like to hold)

In the short term, I’d like to bring the bench up to 225 and OHP back up to 185 for working sets.

I could just run TM w/ a few smaller upperbody lifts instead of the lower, but I’m hoping there’s a smarter option than only running half a program. Size-wise, my arms are about 1.5" smaller than my neck/calves; so, you could say they’re lagging, but not are a big concern.


Take four weeks just focussing on two upper body lifts, hammering them with volume, and do nothing or just bodyweight squats. That’s what Ben Bruno did in the same situation (he chose chin ups and incline press) and it worked very well. You won’t turn into a lightbulb within four weeks.

Thanks nh,

Ben Bruno has a lot of sound advice in this situation for sure. (oddly, I have only found him talking about workarounds)

Though, I think my duration is more like 4 months before I’ll be moving any sort of weight to qualify as anything more than rehab.

Which part of your body is injured? The answer to that will dictate the solution. Going for higher reps, single leg work, sled pushing, partial ROM… So many options but the right answer depends on what hurts.

Depends what the doc says, but it’s still in that tender everything hurts phase. At the very least, I have a strained quad tendon from an old injury that had been treated, but was acting up prior to this.

Aside from that (same knee), it feels like I hyperextended the knee a bit, maybe a light pull of the hamstring, and/or maybe something with the IT band. This is a non-sports related injury and I don’t know what happened. All I know is that walking is the most, and probably best, I can do at this point. Along w/ any knee problem is usually hip mobility as well.

Here’s an outline of what I’m thinking (TMish):

OHP/Bench 5 x 5 at like 80-90 percent, alternating weekly
Chins 3 x 5+, adding reps
Horizontal Pull, 4 x 10
Tri pulldown 4 x 8-12
Grip work

Horizontal Pull 3 x 5
Bench/OHP 2 x 5, light mostly form work… maybe sorta DE
dips 3-4 x 8-12
lat raises, bi’s or abs?

Chins 3 x Grease the groove
OHP/Bench 1 x AMRAP, aiming for 5RM PR
DB Bench/OHP 5 x 10
Some sort of prehab?
Overhead tri work 3-4 x 8-12?

Seems like a lot, though.