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Something different (new split)

I think I’ve adapted to my regular routine so much so that I’m not getting good stimulation no matter how intense I go. I’ve typically done a 3 on/1 off split (ie chest/delts/traps/tri’s, back/bi’s/forearms, legs/abs) but I’m never sore and poundages haven’t gone up in a while. I toyed with reduced volume for a few weeks and that was terrible. So I’m starting a new program to slaughter each muscle group. It involves hitting each bodypart 2 days in a row with different exercises (all heavy). An example:

Day 1:
Chest- Flat bench (bb) 5 sets, pec dec 3 sets
Bi’s- Standing db curls 3 sets, hammers 2 sets
Forearms- standing db wrist curls 5 sets (different angles)

Day 2:
Chest- Incline bench (bb) 5 sets, dips 3 sets
Bi’s- Seated db curls 3 sets, preacher curls 2 sets
Forearms- hanging wrist curls (bb) 5 sets

I would then pick 3 other bodyparts and hit them for two days then move on. I going to try this for a while. It feels pretty good right now. The second day lifts seem very effective (good pumps, good strength, good neuro control). Anybody do this kind of routine?

Holy Mother of Christ. This looks VERY similar to the routine I’ve designed for myself. I won’t be starting this new routine for about 9 more weeks, but all my research is designed to improve this routine’s effectiveness - the ones I’m doing now are a little cookie-cutter. I’m doing GSP right now. Then I’m spending a month re-calculating my 4RMs (haven’t done that since November). Take to me, bud. Talk about your thoughts on diet. Avoiding over-training. Cardio. Etc.
{PS, I’ll have more information for you once the weekend is over)

Well as far as overtraining goes the cycle doesn’t repeat for 8 days so I think thats plenty of recovery time. Diet is quasi Massive Eating with calories about 800 over maintenance and protein at ~1.6g/lb bodyweight. No cardio (for the 1st few weeks anyway). Ordered 4-AD-EC (3 bottles) so I hope this is going to help. Using the last of my Androsol right now.