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Something Against Pump?



I want to know if you know something what could help to minimize the pump during a test cycle?

I don't know how all the pro athletes are able to do their running and jumping...If I use 250mg test e5d or e7d after a few minutes the pump in my calves decrease my agility dramatically.

It's no problem for my to sprint but if I change often my direction (with side steps for example) I have to do every 30sec a little break to recover...so its very hard during practice

I use test for better recovery and to increase my vertical and sprint.

I hope you can help me :slight_smile:


You shouldn't be seeing crazy pump from just 250mg test.

Thats close to normal production.

Are you on anything besides test ? Any orals ?

Are you running an AI ? You might be seeing a little water retention that could be reduced. But this isnt that likely.

What ester is the test ? You may consider a shorter ester injected more often for more stable blood concentrations.

Aka Prop.

How is your salt and potassium intake ?

What is your water intake like ?

Have you cycled before ? If so with what ?


It's test e e5d 250mg.
It's my first cycle at week 25 now.

I drink about 4litres minimum.

And my salt and potassium...I don't know. I only use salt for my chicken. And potassium throug walnuts, my veggies at lunch and my wholemeal toast in the morning...


week 25 ???

Are you using this as HRT ?

Because your definitely pushing it in terms of max cycle length.


I want to use it until season starts in summer


Awful plan. Seriously one of the poorer conceived 'cycle' plans posted here in a while. It would truly be in your best interest to do some legitimate research.


By the time your season starts your natural testosterone production is going to be completely shot.

Most cycles are half the length of yours.

The recovery from your cycle needs to start soon, or by the time the season rolls around your going to either have to stay on during the season, or your production is going to drop to the level of a little girl's.

You need to go into PCT very soon or risk permanent damage, you can not use until summer.


nice, but thats my affair and I'm not 100% sure if I'm going for an HRT or go off with test p and hcg but I got everything at home.

So please only answer my question and everything will be fine.


Is this guy for real?



And yes we have another example of an individual that despite given good advice, does not want to listen at all since its not what he wants to hear.

Bottom line is that you cycle is pathetic. You are shutting your body down in order to replace it with only very little over your normal levels. All of which should have no influence on your pump at all.


Injection schedule sucks, too, which is going to cause its own problems...


Wow. I agree with these other fellas about the length of your cycle. Good God brother, for your own sake you should definitely start your PCT.

But, I also know what your talking about. I am only in week 8 but with 500mg/wk and I had to run a PT test for the army and after my two mile run I thought my calves were going to explode. This is not going to go away. This is what Test does my good friend. At least this is what I have come to conclude.

My diet and water intake is sufficient and I still have this problem. Have you ever noticed how even simple things give your muscles a pump while you are still on cycle? So it only makes since that constant repetition would cause your muscles to be extremely pumped and of course painful.

My advice to you is to start PCT now so you will be able to reverse these side effects in time for your season or to switch to a different AAS.


I also do not think many athletes of this limited description use test in the first plece.. JMO


It IS your affair.

The thing is we dont use for 25 weeks straight - the over 35's might go there.. it'll be a physiological thing that comes with EXCESS androgen levels over 6 months.

Dont get me wrong - there are some here who use for a fuck longer than that. But well, lets face it

isnt gonna get yer far is it!