Something a Little Different

hi, i thought i would put up a training routine i have been doing lately. i am a big fan of kettlebell training and while i appreciate they are not popular on this site anybody fancy trying something a little different might want to give it a go.

my current goal is to shed 10 lbs at a rate of 1 lb per week while maintaining or increasing overall strength, and keep the no. of exercises to a minimum when in the gym as being new year resolution season, the gym is packed at the moment.It is based upon a combination of the enter the kettlebell “Rite of Passage” and Pavel’s Power to the people bear program.

Day 1
Easy C&P (clean & press) ladders with pullups + EASY snatches for 5- 12 mins

Day 2
Deadlift: 1 set 95% of 5 rep max
Deadlift: 9 sets at 80% of 5 rep max
Weighted dips 5x5
[rest time between all sets 40 seconds]

Day 3
Medium C&P ladders with pullups + MEDIUM SWINGS for 5-12 mins

Day 4
Deadlift + dips as above

Day 5
Hard C+P ladders with pullups + HARD SWINGS for 5-12 mins

Day 6
Deadlift + dips as above

Day 7

An example easy day ladder would be 1L+1R+1 PULLUP. X3 week one, x4 week two, x5 week three, 1L+1R+1 PULLUP+2L +2R+2 PULLUP x5 week four, and 1L+1R+1 PULLUP +2L+2R+2 PULLUP +3L+3R+3 PULLUP x5 week 5

A medium day would be as above but with one extra “rung” in each ladder and the hard day has two extra rungs in each ladder.

Add weight to the deadlifts every week till week 5, then cycle back and start again with the weight from week 2. Same for dips.

Weeks 1-5 were completed with my 20 kg bell and weeks 6 to whenever with the 24kg bell.
note, no cardio at all apart from the swings and snatches.

I am at week 10 now and am pleased to say I am bang on target with the weight loss and my strength numbers continue to increase.

If you fancy a challenge and like the kettlebell(no reason why you couldn’t substitute a dumbell instead as well as the barbell, this is very simple, fun and very rewarding. A calorie surplus on the nutrition side will work very well for anyone looking to increase size as well.

I keep meaning to try some kettlebell lifts, using dumbbells. Does your gym keep kettlebells on hand? This site may not be to hot on them but they’re the hot thing with Athletics throwers. Easier to mimic the exact throwing motions and explosive single arm actions. I’m going to look up the programs you mentioned. Thanks.

hi hel320
the kettlebells are my own not the gym’s, l have been adding to them over the last 9 months or so. i do a lot of travelling in the summer so its great to take them with me so i can always train when i can’t get to the gym.

the excercises can be done pretty well with dumbells and are great for increasing hip flexibility and help to transfer power generated in the hams and glutes through the hips into the body and shoulder. perfect for punching and throwing i would think.