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Somethign Interesting about Ephedra...

Hey guys, I was over at Byan Haycock’s HST board and I found this, I thought you guys might find it interesting:

"In order to get the most benefit from ephedrine on muscle loss, adjust your dosing schedule to every 2 hours. This will enhance the duration and consistency of beta-adrenergic activity. Be sure to adjust the amount you take each time in order to maintain the total amount taken over the course of a day. For example, instead of taking 20 mg ephedrine and 200 mg caffeine 3 times daily, take 10 mg ephedrine and 100 mg caffeine 6 times daily."

and then later:

"You should take e/c every two hours at half dose regardless of what diet you are using. In fact, I have had good succes using e/c while bulking. It enabled a bit more partitioning of calories away from fat... just my 2 cents."

All of the above was quoted from Haycock's posts, by the way. I found this a pretty intriguing idea. I tried taking my MD6 like this today (1 pill 6x/day), and even if it's not true that it helps hold on to muscle better, I didn't experience any highs/crashes. Just a constant flow.

Anyone have any thoughts on this?

Trev: What is the title of that thread on the boards over there? I can’t seem to find it. Thanks!

This is INDEED intriguing…

Trev; I know that drugs have certain phamacokinetic characteristics that are at least one factor in figuring out the dosing schedule. It COULD be that MD-6 may not be as effective spread out this way; I have NO idea…

This seems like one for Bill to tackle…and one that I am VERY interested in…


I was wondering if anyone tried saw palmetto with ephedrine and caffeine yet? It supposed to block the increased heart rate and blood pressure. Please post experiences.

BusterK, the thread is under the dietary supplements forum, and is titled “cla vs eca stack?” . Take a look, there was some interestion stuff.

Mufasa, I agree. Bill's take on ths would be very appreciated.

Any ideas?

Bill? Your input would be nice as I am a regular user of effedrine + caffeine.

I have actually been following these recomendations for about a month with good results. I get no side effect, which I do get with the 20/200 every 4 hours. I also get no peaks and valleys. Fat loss has been steady as well. This seems to work like an infusion keeping blood levels more steady. Apparently the half life of ephedrine is short, so this approach takes that into account. Steve

yeah, but doesn’t ephedra impair insulin sensitivity, thus creating a problem in terms of insulin sensitivity?

I have used MD6 every 2 hours. I think the 5-htp is more effective this way. The other stuff no idea.

Bumpity Bump Bump Bump! :slight_smile:

I have been trying the one pill of xenadrine 4/day and i found i like it much much better. As far as insulin sensativity (cannot spell) if you run often enough it should be no problem. I just run on the treadmill for 5-10 mins at 10 4/days a week at the end of my workout then eat a ton of carbs and in about 4 fours my muscles look very full. (cannot think of right word)


To use a fat burner…like md6 or Pro Lean,6 times a day (1*6 times a day) is old news.It works much better than 3 times a day.