Someone was asking about tips on BJs, what guys like

Here’s one that has recently gotten approval from me. Basically, go to a candy store and buy yourself some pop rocks (Candy that pops in your mouth). From there use your imagination :slight_smile:

What we like? Heck, anything is fine–just no teeth.

Hahah I guess Akicita, but I like to try new things :slight_smile:

OK first off…ATTITUDE! If you go down there like it is a chore…forget it, I don’t want it. Second, PLENTY of saliva lubrication before you start using that hand as well…nothing like that “scraping my skin off” feeling if it goes on too long. Third…if I start to breath faster, and he starts to swell DAMMIT! DONT change what your doing all of a sudden…it just pisses us off…you had a good groove going there woman!! LOL! Fourth, don’t forget the boys down below, they need attention as well. Finally, AFTER we bust…it is SENSITIVE!! Take it easy with him!! LOL! hope this helps!

Now ladies, what you must realise, is that if a guy, having already done most of the work and exerted himself most valiantly in order to please you, takes the time and effort to spoont directly into your mouth, don’t be so rude as to spit it back out. You should take it all in, savour the wonderful taste and texture, throw it from side to side, even gargle it a little. After such a magnificent show, your man deserves this…

(Quoted from the 40 ways women fail in bed)

Well there are alot of cool things that you women should do to get us off but without a doubt the most amazing sensation I have experienced is as follows: As soon as I came, she kept tounging and sucking me off with lips closed around my head and one hand working my shaft, while at the same time massaging my boys down below with her other hand. Then we I finished spouting, she tounged me back and forth over my pee hole. She knew what she was doing!!! I wish all women did this.

my best ever was being woke up at 4 am with the vixen doing it. To a girl this may sound callous, but I slept thru most of it, and JUST woke up as I got off…WHAT a damn feeling!! It was definetly the ultimate experience, acieving consciousness and a few seconds later, achieving orgasm…damn it was good!! To top it off, she then snuggled up next to me, and stroked my hair til I fell asleep again…she told me she just wanted to do that…and I could make up for it in the morning…needless to say, just HAD to marry her…LOL! OK another tip to the ladies, using your chest as well for a little variety, just stroking those porch puppies against him, and if ya got the size, wrapping him between them…sure works wonders as well!!

The best is just when your about to blow your load, the girl sticks a finger tip in the ass. The load will be so much more intense, and shoot across the room. Some guys think this is gay, but remember, up to one knuckle isn’t gay!

Daddy-O, your post proves that there is a LOT of individual variation among men. Personally, I was gonna say that the one thing I HATE is for a woman to be fooling around with the tip of my dick after I’ve come! It’s just too sensitive at that point. For me, having her stay down at the base of the “crown” (especially that bunch of nerves right under the “split”) is best, and can prolong things for a few more seconds. Bottom line: ask your man what he likes! Communication is KING!