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Someone Tell Me Why this Would Work?



Am I missing something why use Novla through the whole cycle?


o and isnt that way too much Adex, 1m a day for the whole thing?


From the usual information given around here, the cycle lasts too long to be orals only, 1mg of adex per day is way too much, and I have no clue why one would include Nolva throughout the cycle.


That cycle looks about as legitimate as the products sold by their sponsors. Hmmm, you don't suppose...




Its complete BS isint it? I mean is there any basis for this type of cycle? Would love to heard from Cortes, BBB, Westlock, Bones, And devil...


LOL yes it is a BS cycle. The whole "Brad Pitt Steroid Cycles" didn't raise a red flag?? "In Fight Club he was obviously using steroids...". Pure entertainment.


I wasn't actually thinking of buying it. Just wanted to know if there was any merit to the way they set it up. I mean it is techinally a "cutting" cycle but the adex and Novla dosage is way off..


No I know. I didn't mean to imply that you were going to do that cycle. Just when I see something with a title like that I don't even consider it to be serious information.


Back in the day... people used to use 10/20mg Nolva throughout the whole cycle... (which eventually turned into 50mg Clomid/ED) to ward off possible gyno... that was a pretty standard setup in the early/mid 90s...


Bonez i love it hour the expert everyone turns to when in need. Thanks for your usefull information, ikow where to go next time for info.


I'm not sure if you are saying that I'm an expert (looks like a typo or something in your post) but if you are I appreciate the compliment, but I assure you that I am NO expert. There are quite a few guys here that know much more than I do.


Yeah, Compliment. Welcome.


There are so many problems with that article I don't know where to start.

  1. Brad Pitt definitely did not need steroids to look like that in Fight Club. He probably did low carb, hit the cardio hard, smoked a lot, mixed with some circuit training. Troy it's a possibility.

  2. Winstrol and Anavar don't aromatise therefore you don't need Arimidex or Nolvadex!

  3. The steroids they're peddling aren't even real steroids. They're herbs or some crap being packaged to look like real steroids.

  4. The 7th week off is laughable. I think they made this "cycle" as stupid as possible on purpose.

Snake oil salesman of the worst kind.


I would assume that it was to keep the HPTA ticking over due to the style of the cycle being 'desiganed' incorrect info of course but still.

Maybe it would be used as an estrogen in a primarily anti-estrogenic cycle too

I'm just guessing, its a stupid cycle.

JMO :wink: