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Someone Rate My Routine, Thanks.


I would really appreciate feedback on my routine.

Sunday - Chest

Bench Press - 5x5
Incline bench - 3 sets
Bent-Arm Dumbbell Pullover - 2 sets
Cable Crossover - 2 sets

Monday - Day off

Tuesday - Biceps/forearms/legs
Dead lifts - 5x5
Barbell Curl - 5x5
Dumbbell curl - 3 sets
Close-Grip EZ Bar Curl - 3sets
One Arm Dumbbell Preacher Curl - 3sets
Palms-Up Wrist Curl - 3sets
Palms-Down Wrist Curl - 3 sets

Wednesday - Day off

Thursday - Shoulders/triceps

Barbell Shoulder press - 3 sets
Deltoid Raises - 3sets
Dumbbell Lying Rear Lateral Raise - 3 sets
Shoulder press machine - 3 sets
Close grip bench press - 3 sets
Triceps Pushdown -3 sets
Cable One Arm Tricep Extension- 3sets

Friday - Day off

Saturday - Legs/back
Squat - 5x5
Hamstring curls - 3 sets
Plie Dumbbell Squat -3 sets
Back Extensions - 3sets
Cable Rows - 3 sets
Hi-row - 3 sets

Notice how I throw in a dead lift on my biceps day. Is that ok to do? As well let me know what you think of my entire routine as I have never had my routine rated before.

Thank you.


working out every other day is a waste of time


Why is that?


Looks fantastically awesome.


This program is shit. Pretty much everything is wrong.


I'm sorry. I tried to modify your routine for the better but I can't. It's broken. I couldn't see any back movements at all except for 6 sets after legs. Yet you're doing a whole day just for chest which is 12 sets, 5 of which are part of a 5x5 program!

I'm not saying you won't make good progress on this. With any program, if you put in 100% you'll get a lot out of it. But it's the kind of program that will wreak havoc on joint health in the long run.

This is one of my programs. It's my attempt at a really meatheaded program. It's a lot of fun with the only problem being that there's no external rotation movements programmed in. I do these as part of a warm up but it's better to program them in.

Day 1. Chest, Back & Arms.
Dumbell Press. 4 sets of 6. 60seconds rest. '3/4' technique (Only press the DBs to 3/4 height, this keeps the stress on your chest)
Cable Press. 4 sets of 8. 60seconds rest.
Seated Row. 10 sets of <12. 50seconds rest. No that is not a misprint. 10 sets. You need to do more pulling than pushing or your liable to bring on shoulder problems.
EZ curl. 3 sets of <12. 60 seconds rest. I start with palms down, then when I can't do anymore I go palms up and keep going. That's 1 set.
Concentration curl. 3 sets of <8. 60 seconds rest.

Day 2. Traps, Legs & Calves.
Cleans. 2 sets of <5. 60 seconds rest. Perform power shrugs if you're not confident with your clean technique (or don't have one).
Calf Press. 3 sets of <12. Then 2 sets of <9. 45seconds rest.
Front Squat. 4 sets of <10. '3/4' technique. 60 seconds rest. Back squats can be substituted if you don't have the wrist flexibility to do front squats. You could even do leg press but that's a poor substitute for front squats.
Dumbell Shrugs. 3 sets of <9. 60 seconds rest. Pause for 2 seconds at the top.
Single Leg Calf Press. 3 sets of <9. 45 seconds rest.
Leg Press. 3 sets of <10. 60 seconds rest.

It's intentionally unbalanced, but no program is done in a vacuum. After this one I set something with vertical movements and deadlifts.

I'm not saying that my program is great. It's not. But it's better than yours. There's more pulling than pushing, so my
shoulders are going to last longer.

I work hard on my arms but I don't bomb them into the ground.

And it makes more sense. A lot more sense.


Brant_Drake makes a good point that u have way too much volume ( and its compressed into one day) for biceps. Furthermore ur second set of that day is bicep curls. Typically it is preferred that u load the beginning of ur workout with more compound movements and the end with more isolation. While its good u start that day with deadlift every other set is isolation and almost all of them are biceps. You then end with forearms which will have already been hit fairly well by all the bicep work.

U may want to do deadlift, then another lower body exercise then go into some biceps and forearms. But i mean i really wouldn't go over maybe 10-12 bicep forearm sets combined and even then only if u really feel that those parts are lacking


Looks perfect... if you want to injure yourself and want a poorly designed program!

Sun: 12 sets. - 12 sets looks good.
Mon: 25 sets! - This is $#%@# horrible. Why on gods earth would you do 25 sets in a workout! Especially when you just trained the day before.
Thurs: 21 sets! - Again way too much!
Fri: 20 sets. - 20 sets would be borderline overkill. Again why 20 sets?

Do you want rounded shoulders? My guess is, if you've been training with something similiar to this you already have them. If not, you will in no time with this program.

***** For every horizontal push you need to do a horizontal pull. For every vertical push, you need to do a vertial pull.

Look how much you are training upper body, and then compare that to lower body.

I see a huge muscle imbalance here. Why would you want your muscles to be imbalanced. Do you want long term injuries, or instant gratification? Think about it.

I'm not trying to be harsh. But 9 out of 10 programs I see posted are pig shit.

Why so many worksets?
You also did not mention pre-training warm-up time. Pre-training stretch time. # of warm-up sets with each exercise. # of rest between worksets. And total duration of time of workout.

Do yourself a favor. Throw this garbage away! If you need help with designing a program send me a private message.

Better yet. Buy Ian Kings Get Buffed books and How to Write Strength Training programs book. These will soon become your workout bibles! There is so much information and kowledge in those books. You will never need advice on program design again!

Good luck bro


Thanks to everyone who commented. I don't care you if you want to say my routine is shit , but please tell me how to correct it. Thats why I came here , I want to change my routine , and not sure what to do.

Basically I have time to go the gym 4 days a week. If you had 4 days a week , and you are looking for a routine to get bigger , what would your routine look like.

Thank you.


Day 1
Free exercise

Day 2
Military press
Free exercise

Day 3
Free exercise

Day 4
Military press
Free exercise


I'm just curious , why did you not include any exercises that isolate the biceps or triceps?


1.) Because they get hit during rows, chins, and presses.
2.) Your energy is better spent on big compound exercises.
3.) You really like doing them.

If you really want to do them, notice the "free exercise" you have.


Insert that as your free exercise then, most people don't do a whole lot of direct bicep or tricep work because you get lots of bicep work from doing rows and pullups, and lots of tricep work from benching and overhead pressing.

I also am curious, jacked diesel, why is working out everyone other day a waste of time? (With that routine yes, but others canbe productive)


ok drake beat me to it, either way that's the reason.


Brant_Drake's program is solid. Id suggest doing heavy weights the first days and when you do the 3rd and 4th do more reps.

Day 1
Free exercise-4x6

Day 3
Free exercise-2x12

Notice, reps in the 24-25 range. Great for strength/mass. Also, I'd suggest doing another compound chest movement on one of your free exercises. I would bet a million bucks that you were thinking of doing bicep curls and some tricep exercise for your free exercises, but throw in maybe an incline bench since you've got chins and rows but only one chest movement.


Interesting , thank you. Incline Bench is one of my favorite exercises , so I would most likely throw that in.

On my squat day you recommend 8 sets of 3 reps? What are the benefits of doing so many sets ass opposed to doing a 5x5 routine?


I would try one of the many routines available on this site.

There are numerous training plans that implement a four-day split on T-Nation. Ian King, Charles Staley, Alwyn Cosgrove, Chad Waterbury and Christian Thibaudeau are just a few that have such plans.

Do a search and find something that looks like it will help you accomplish your goals.

I, personally, prefer the Westside for Skinny Bastards template. There is a new four-day split available as a part of WS4SB 3 available on Elitefts.com and defrancostraining.com.


It looks as though the OP wants to get bigger.

So why the fuck would you people recommend a powerlifting program? A cruel joke?


Please reread this thread.


You have been educated about this before.


Overall your weekly volume looks a bit high, and a bodypart split is somewhat less than optimal. Overall volume should be in the neighborhood of 16-20 exercises per week normally, with either a total body program or movement split.

Here's the good things I see: Bench Press, Deadlift, Military Press, Squat, Cable Row

Most everything is an accessory exercise or variant, which isn't necessarily bad, but you have too much of it.

Every routine should cover the six planes of movement.

Arms Vertical
Military Press

Arms Horizontal
Bench Press
Row (any variant)

Legs Vertical

This leaves out calves, abs, biceps, triceps, forearms, and traps. (Though most are getting some form of indirect stimulation) Nothing wrong with doing direct arm work if there is room in your routine so:

Elbow Flexion
Barbell Curls

Accessory Work
Calf Raises
Farmer's Walk (for forearms)

That covers pretty much all the basics, and you still have room for 4-8 exercises. Here are some good choices:

Face Pulls (posterior deltoids)
Good Mornings (spinal erectors)
Glute Ham Raise (posterior chain, especially glutes and hamstrings)
Barbell Pullovers (chest, back and shoulder interconnects)

I'd probably leave it there at 16 exercises and run a shorter schedule, but if you prefer a 7 day cycle then here's four more:

Sled Drag (gpp)
Sandbag clean and press (gpp)
Saxon side bends (obliques)
Hammer Curls (brachialis)