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Someone Please Help with My Deadlift Form

I’m relatively new to lifting. My form for the bench and squat are good, however my deadlift form sucks. Every time I lift, I only feel it in my lower back, no hamstrings, no glutes. I feel like I am only lifting with my back, and I know this isn’t good. Someone please help!!!

Looking to the side before every rep alone is jacking up your form. No way you are staying tight doing that. Fix that first. It should mean less time spent at the bottom of the rep.

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Breathing and bracing, learn it and do it 100% of the time. Video below.

Keep that bar as close to your shins as possible (start over midfoot from your perspective and pull straight back). It looks like you are swinging the bar out in front of you to avoid your knees. If you setup right you won’t hit your knees.

Drive through your heels, not the middle of your foot.

It looks like your doing two lifts. First with the legs and then with the lower back. Fire your glutes and focus on driving your hips forward in one smooth motion. If you do it right you will tag your nads with the bar.


Don’t just lazily walk up to the bar, bend over, and pick it up.

You need to PULL yourself into position. Get tight, squeeze your chest up with your lats. Point your nipples at the wall and keep your head neutral. SUCK in a big breath of air and basically transfer all that energy into your abs; keep them locked and loaded fully engaged. Keep the bar in contact with your shins the whole time. Imagine the bar is chained to the floor and it isnt going anywhere, but the ground directly beneath you can be pushed away. Initiate like you’re leg pressing the earth and when the bar slides up your legs and reaches your knees, SQUEEZE your booty cheeks hard and fire your dick into the bar like it’s prison and you aint ever making parole.

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Look on Youtube for Mark Rippetoe’s deadlift in 5 steps. The deadlift really is an easy lift to perform properly. Also, bracing and getting tight like the others said. Also, get to double bodyweight in the deadlift.

I have been working on my deadlift form non stop, since this type of shit keeps happening. Why does this happen? I’m not sure with form what it means to “pull myself into position”, so I try my best but never seem to be able to do it. Someone help please.

It takes 5 steps.

This one is a bit clearer.

Believe it or not, I’ve tried to watch it. I still can’t get it; I know the steps by heart without even watching the video. Grab bar with I believe he said “stiff knees”, bend knees until shins hit bar, squeeze chest up but don’t drop hips, breathe and then pull

I’ve tried to watch and i still can’t get it

Set up with the bar midfoot, first of all - your full foot, including heel, so check from above and from the sides that the bar is on the actual midfoot.
Without moving it, simply bend your back, reach down and grab the bar. Push your knees forward until shins meet the bar, make a proud chest while straightening your back into a neutral line, look forward and down and PUSH.
Don’t pull, push with your legs as if you wanted to push the floor away from you. If you think about pulling, you start immediatly using your back.
You want to PUSH with your legs until the bar reaches your knees, then when it happens open your hips forward as if you had to put your dick inside the bar with violence. Just be careful not to hyperextend by leaning too far back with your torso.
That’s it, get used to the initial setup, then the only cues you need are: proud chest - push floor away - dick in bar - proud chest, in this order.

As for pulling yourself under the bar: when you setup with the bar above your midfoot and you bend down to grab it, ok? Instead of just grabbing it, pull the bar upwards (WITHOUT MOVING IT), you will see it bending a bit, that’s taking the slack out of the bar. Sets it up for the initial movements and helps you by activating your lats.
So you grab it, pull it upwards without moving it and bend your knees until shins touch the bar. Proud chest, look forward and down.
You should feel tension in your whole body, it means you’re ready and in optimal position to start.

In super general terms, the Deadlift is “hard” down low and “easy” above your knees.

You haven’t learned some of the fundamentals involved in the D.L. Stuff like Bracing, getting tight, getting behind the bar/pulling yourself into position. You already don’t do this stuff well, then you get down into a more difficult or challenging position( the bottom of the lift).

You can’t get any better, because you don’t know how to get better. Instead of lifting from the floor, which is hard, make it easier. Elevate the bar with blocks, or in the power rack. Figure out you to lock your hips/guts/back in and pull yourself into position. Start with the bar above your knees if you have to. Once it feels better, move the bar down.

http://youtu.be/aGVpvKn2skc I have been working on my form, and I think it looked pretty clean. Look forward to feedback! Thanks! -Cam

It definitely looks better to me, but wait from more experienced people to chime in.
Most importantly, how did it feel to you? Did you feel the legs doing the job in the initial pull from the ground?
The only two things I’d point out are:
-make sure you’re not shrugging at the top, it’s hard to tell with the angle of the video but on some reps it looks like you’re shrugging a bit;
-take off your shoes if your gym allows it, going barefoot is particularly effective with deads