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Someone Overview This First Cycle


hi guys, 19 years old. 6 foot. 200 pounds. been training for 5 years. training and nutrition on point. competed in 3 bodybuilding shows and one powerlifting comp. Please excuse me if this post seems at all ignorant.

wanna run a cycle for the first time. thinking 9 weeks..

Week 1-9 Test Enth 250mg E3D
Week 1-4 D-bol 30mg a day
Week 5-9 Tren Enth. 200mg E3D
Week 1-9 A-dex .25mg EOD


Week 10 Nolva 20mg 2x/Day
Week 11-13 Nolva 20 a day
and probably use T-bomb 2 by MHP.

my one question is should i start the tren at week 5 so it ends when the cycle aka the test does. or should i start it a week or so later and have it go a week just on tren at the end?? OH also im not injecting test n tren on the same day correct??

if this looks like too much gear for a first run lemme know. dont wanna hear the bullshit about waiting till im 25 or what ever the fuck cuz i am done being natural. my natural body cannot keep up with the intensity that i work at even with good nutrition i do not recover as fast as i need to and need to get huge thanks!!


For a first cycle I wouldn't use tren- but that's just me.

And your PCT starts too soon.

Other than that it looks fine and standard; same cycle I'm doing right now.


you might find this interesting.


I would (and sorta did) run a 10-12 week cycle instead. I would do 10 weeks just because thats the norm.

If you're set on running tren (which WILL give you great strength results, although you could get great gains from test alone-see my results) you should run it 8 weeks, and run the test 10 weeks. (youre using tren enanthate so it takes a few weeks)
Also, IMO tren is dosed too high...

if you're set on using tren, i'd run hcg (250 iu's, twice per week) too since tren shuts ya down pretty hard from what people say, and plan teh cycle like this:

1-10 Test Enan 250 E3D (575 mg/week)
1-8 Tren Enan 150 E3D (325 mg/week)


1-4 Dbol 30 mg/day

Also, unless I'm mistaken, theres no reason not to inject test/tren on the same day.. saves pinning yourself extra times. 2 cc injects are no biggie.

Just my .02

You'll get nothing but support and advice from me, you're definitely at a better starting point than I was.

Curious, what are your lifts like? Looks like.. 430 on deads?


Sorry couldnt help it!


thats 460. benchd 300 and squat 410 for 2 reps


First off I do not support a 19 year old using steroids.

I'm only giving input because it sounds like you are going to do it anyway.

Don't use tren in a first cycle. No need. 500mg/wk Test E for 8 weeks with a frontload is plenty.

If you do wind up using tren you should use tren A. Using tren enanthate for the first time is foolish. If you are afraid of pinning everyday don't use tren at all. Don't use more than 300mg/wk of tren.

Dbol is fine but you probably dont need that either.

Adex should be tapered off a few weeks after the last injection.

Start PCT 2-3 weeks after the last injection.

If I were you I'd hold off for a little longer until you have done some more studying.


IMHO----way to young to start. there are lots of threads on here supporting this. you dont want to mess your HPTA now----eat and train......


+1 to Bonez

It's best not use tren for a first cycle, mainly because a) it's generally harder to recover from and b) more can go wrong.

If for whatever reason you ignore the above, at least use Tren ace so you can dump it quickly if/when things get difficult.


UGHH so i gess wait some months n dont use tren. ? fuck


That amount of adex would not be enough for many guys using a TRT dose of 100mg test ester per week. Adex dose needs to be proportionate to the amount of testosterone. - esearch that

Bill Roberts states that with the high levels of T when on cycle, that the increased E levels are -typically- not able to be harmful with the high T:E ratio. I recommend adex all through cycles. That is not common "bro-practice" but might produce a better result.

PCT: You need adex during PCT, reducing as T levels drop [remember the time delay], then cruise for a while after PCT with 0.5 mg/week.

I see the need to respond to this post from a technical point of view. But I would prefer that this thread be deleted as T-Nation is now on the record helping a 19YO start gear. We do not need that reputation.


Please pay close attention to KSman's post. ALL of it.

To the OP, you have such a strong base that I would continue the natural route you are heading. You have not yet hit your genetic potential. And I see no reason to go toward gear until you have hit a definite plateau in your training.

That being said and knowing my mindset when I was 19, here is my advice in response to your proposed "cycle":

You have a few things wrong with it, some of which mentioned by KSman that needs some re-evaluating. I would also double check and make sure you are starting your PCT at the right time. I am not sure if this has been addressed yet, but it definitely seems a bit early. In addition to that I would also look up the term "diminishing returns". So many people forget this and it ends up costing them so much because they start off like you doing a Test E/Tren E cycle + DBOL their first cycle. This is so incredibly unneccesary its not even funny. Test/Tren? You clearly havent read much on these forums.

I say run 500mg Test E. Split it into 250mg Inj split M/Th. Run it for 10-12 weeks and leave it at that. Seeing as your impatient like most, use an oral kickstart. But if you want the biggest "bang" wait for the dbol until your test has fully kicked in.

And please, I strongly urge you to reconsider starting so young. Your maturity level will show here if you can actually sit back and make an educated decision.



damn. ok i realize my cycle was whack. when i do it i gess ill wait till im 20 or whenever i feel my natural hormones declining. no tren, 10 week test cycle with proportionate Adex, wait longer b4 starting pct, and maby use a lighter dose of d-bol.

Thanx for all the input and advice from everyone. just gunna be hard to wait.. maby try sum HGH in the mean time er sumthin havent researched it yet tho.


You're too young. Stay away from the stuff for now.


I see no reason to deny education.

He knows its wrong, were not his parents or even his friends, we gave him our disclaimer and our "dont fucking do it" speech.

Most of these guys do it anyways, they might as well do it right and minimize the risks as much as possible.

Will he get fucked up, yeah, will he get more fucked up without us, or if he went to some other "bro" forum, definitely.

Its a no win situation and we bear no responsibility beyond giving accurate and sound advice and technical information.

Attempting to make other's choices for them never ends well.


Awesome. in the same sentence he managed to say he's not going to do the cycle but may do HGH in the meantime.

You go this route you'll end up with an enlarged forehead and a jaw bone like no other.

You need to be doing A LOT more research before you ever considering do anything.