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Someone In Psychology: Questions


I have a school essay that's due tonight and I need some questions answered. It is for my careers in psychology class. It is an interview with a professional. If you work in a career involving psychology (counciling, rehab, etc.), Can you please give me enough info to write a 1 page paper?

For starters,
Who are you and where do you work?
What duties do you perform on the job?
What Is your educational background?
How do most people get into the field?
What types of companies/organizations hire people in your field?
Any other info you can possibly give to help me write a one page paper.

PM's are welcome!!!!! Please help me get this paper done! It is supposed to be an interview, and I went to 4 schools today to talk to the counselors and I could not arrange an interview. Thanks!!!!


talk to a therapist, they love to talk dude.


PM Dr. PowerClean. He works in the mental health field and may be willing to answer some questions.


Well, when I was enrolled in an MSW program, I had an internship at an elder housing community. I performed on on one counseling, group therapy counseling, and also ran activity groups, and went on 'expeditions' off the building campus to do things like bowling. I got my bachelor's in psychology, I'm now in my mid/late 20s.

I think most people get into the type of job my internship was at, as just that, entry level. It's like a stepping stone that we all use to get to our desired job eventually. And it fills an important need as well in the lives of our clients.

Typically hospitals, colleges, and schools hire people in my field for counseling, guidance, and other therapeutic positions.


Cool, AccipterQ, youve given me some good ideas for some of the filler BS, I will use. Im just going to make it up. Its the first paper ive ever bullshitted completely. I don't know if it is worth it. The paper is due in less than 2 hours, it sucks.


Damn, if I saw this thread any sooner...I'm sorry, dude. Time difference and stuff.

Did you get to finish your paper all right?


You know, I had this EXACT same assignment in my psychology class.

Ask about how the expert got to his level of expertise. Also ask how they tackle their job and field differently from when they where newbs.

Typically they will tell you about learning as much as possible from those more experienced than them, the principles they learnt become second nature instead of trying to follow everything to the letter as they did when they were still learning, and attempting to constantly be critical on their own work and look for ways to improve their own tehcniques.