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Someone ID these Sachests!


Just got these, not sure if this is "it"....some of them smell like eucalyptus. Also how do I tell them apart? I assume the serial numbers at the bottom?


wow i bet these things smell good


first let me ask-what was your order ??


did it not dawn on you to ask the ask source what the numbers on the sachets represent ?


2 decca, 2 Sust, 1 Prop. All 5ml each


Why did you go with sachets?



And, at 5ml each, it doesn't sound like you have enough to run any sort of cycle.

What is your cycle plan?


also whats the point of having stealth sachets if people are posting pictures of them on forums asking what steroids they contain ?
defeats the purpose more than slightly does it not ?


As far as identifying them, email your supplier.


You're a...AAS user Cron? I'm not mad, I'm just disappointed...


ya..this is my 2nd..I dont go crazy with it though..just starting out on AAS.


Cause they were cheaper and safer, from what I heard..wanted to try them seeing as I have never ordered vials from the net before...

There is pleanty.
10ml Decca
10ml Sust
5ml Test Prop

More than enough for a 8-10wk cycle for me.

But is this how it comes?


This is part of your learning curve Cron. Don't sweat it, you'll put the pieces of the puzzle together.


what did you expect ?
You ordered sachets ,you recieved sachets !

you should remove the pictures though


Ya but 2 of them actually smelled like eucalyptus or other Herby smell wtf..Also I can't figure out which is which. I have E-mailed my supplier, a well know and trusted site..yet no response..

I know this is part of my learning curve..first time with sachets...


They smell like eucalyptus?? If its legit gear you shouldn't
have any smell unless the lab is adding fragrance to the
product. If it is eucalyptus oil don't bother injecting it.
I have done a little surfing around for you and only found
2 types of packets and none resemble the ones you have.


No, no trool.




That is what I am worried about, the package got there really fast when compared to previous oral orders...but too much coincidence that 5 5ml sachets would just show up..


Why don't you PM me with your supplier and maybe we can
get to the bottom of this and see if you got scammed.