Someone help me cure this patella tendonitis.

Well I don’t think it’s tendonitis but I had a hard time thinking of a topic. Anyway I had knee surgery about 10 months ago on patella tendonitis and while that has healed. I have this new knee problem. Like basically the cartilage between the femur and the kneecap is sore as hell when I’m playing ball. My doc said that it’s just patello femoral syndrome and I just need to strenghten my surgically repaired knee for it to go away but upon further review it seems worse than that. Does anyone else know what I’m tslking about. Basically my left knee hurts just to the right of my kneecap before the femur. Thanks.


I had the same problem after my knee surgery a couple of years ago. Although my doctor was no help, my physiotherpist explained that a certain amount of scar tissue and adhesions are likely to build up. This new tissue is especially tight and rigid because of inactivity during the time when the majority of the healing was happening. My kneecap (and possibly yours) ended up glued by scar tissue into the wrong place, and outside of a limited range of motion hurt like hell. Basically, what my physio did was to put her thumb into that groove beside the kneecap where the pain was, and push HARD while massaging back and forth along that line. My ‘homework’ was to slide my kneecap around, side to side, up and down, to help it back into normal movement. I would do this for 2-3 minutes at a time 4 x a day. It took about a month for things to totally clear up, but I noticed an improvement almost immediately.