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Someone Finally Did Gaga Justice




I seriously thought her song was about because she was born with both parts, or is it actually? I personally think Gaga is attention whore.


Are you sure about that? Because I was under the impression that being the biggest pop-star today was about avoiding attention.

And yes, that song is about being born to switch it up. That video did an amazing job of portraying the attitude.


So performers have a slight narcissistic streak?

No wai!


Lady Gaga should never have hatched to begin with!


I like how hard she tires but it's not the 80s anymore. There's nothing she can wear that would shock anyone. It's just annoying.




I would SOOOO fuck the attention-seeking-egg-hatching-crazy-outfit-wearing-wierdness right out of her...

What I mean to say is that I would gut that bitch until she tapped out and had my babies...

She's just so... FUCKABLE! Can you imagine how much of a FREAK she is? HOLY SHIT! GRRRRR...

I gotta go...




Thats not her in the vid, man.



I can barely tell the difference. For a second I thought they were both Manson.


If I recall correctly, HH had a thing for her.


For once we're in complete agreement.

I don't even care if she has a dick.


To tell the truth, I've spent a lot of time mindfucking both of them.

Hate on Marilyn all yah like, but he's fucked the hottest women of our time.


If you'd prefer something normal and pretty:


Or something lesbian (NSFW):




that song fucking sucks. It is by far her worst song.

She actually has a really good voice and is a pretty talented musician but her new song blows donkey dick.