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Someone Explain This


Okay, so i had been cutting for about 3 weeks and had been eating as clean as possible, working out 2/week with a trainer and doing cardio 3 more times/week. My results had been very good and then started to lag during the third week. Then, this weekend, I went to a college visit and had a couple crap meals and had my fair share of alcohol at night, then on Sunday a Superbowl party didn't help.
So I workout with my trainer yesterday and I wake up this morning looking and feeling leaner than ever. Was the cheat weekend the answer?


being lean is not an emotion.


Here are the 2 possible answers, actually only 1 logically, the first is, that the cheat helped "reset" your metabolism, in fact I tend to be pretty lenient on sat/sun keeping protein intake high, unless I drink then things go out the window most of the time.

The MAIN reason and prolly the only reason that you look and feel leaner is simple, water retention from all the alcohol and sodium and shit you have flushed nearly every ounce of water out of your system, not a good thing, but makes you look leaner, in fact I look better every morning than before I go to bed for this reason. Some people look worse because they look carb depleted and falt, but I tend to look better...hydrate up buddy and enjoy what you had and hit the weights and right foods again, in fact I just drank a diet coke an hour ago and can feel and see the difference, i'm bloated as shit.


^^^ Hey me too (looking better in the A.M) I hate it because as the day goes I get puffier and puffier.


This is funny! Men talking about bloating! Alas, it is true. If anyone would see me in the morning, it'd be the best they see (minus right after a workout). Conversely, there have been many women that hide in the morning, due to morning face (I call it reality). They like sex at night, I like it, well, anytime, but 'specially in the morning.


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