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Somehow, I've Been Gaining Weight

Hiya, I am 24 and morbidly obese. I weigh 375 pounds after dieting, I weighed over 400 before I started. Well I’ve been on TRT for 9+ months and I’ve finally been hitting the gym. Before starting trt I was struggling with lifting 85 pounds with some exercises, now my gains have been enormous. After a few weeks back at the gym I’ve gone from 150 - 250 pound lifts and 400 on legs, 3 sets of 8. I’ve been absolutely shocked, I’ve never been able to increase this fast or expected to be lifting so much after I struggled so much before.

With that being said, each week I’ve been losing 7-8 pounds on a 2000 calorie per-day diet and doing 1 hour of weights and 1.5 hours of cardio 3-4 days a week.

This week was no different other than I have made better strength gains and added on more weight with my exercises. I made a strength and rep gain on all 9 weight lift exercises yesterday. Though for some reason this week, I gained 4 pounds. That’s definitely not what I was hoping for.

My water intake has not changed, I stay away from packaged foods and sodium, I eat very clean now and prepare my food at home. The supplements I take are isoflex whey protein, 1-3 scoops per day. Creatine Monohydrate, 5-10g per day. Multivitamin, and 2x vitamin d tablets. (2000 IU’s each).

There’s no way in a week I’ve put on 4 pounds of muscle is there? I don’t think thats humanly possible. I would say its water weight because I’ve read about creatine / testosterone water retention, but I’ve been sweating a lot, pissing a lot, and my water intake hasn’t changed and I haven’t been retaining water previous weeks.

I know I’ve stuck to 2000 calories because it’s a big part of my day measuring everything out with spoons and cups and writing everything down.