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Somebody Needs to Pay for All My Children


You can discount this because its on Fox if you want. You can call me a racist if you want. Her words at 2:20 say it all. Is it any wonder why the U.S. and the world are on the decline with attitudes like this?


Da fuck.


I actually agree.

Somebody needs to be held accountable and somebody needs to pay.

Her and her baby daddy would kind of be my choice.


1 word. Condoms.


my speakers are messed up. cliff notes?



So the words of One Crazy Bitch is the standard for a whole country??

This Crazy Bitch and OctoMom the only dif between the two is one was more fun to rip on with those fake Angelina Jolie Lips.

But they are just 2 crazy Bitches that need to be put in a hospital and have those noggins checked.


Somebody mistakenly posted a link here that should've been in PWI.


Apparently, yes, to a certain faction of the population that likes to blame ALL the ills of society on a tiny minority of misfits.


I consider all little people first class cocksuckers, all because of you, ID.

and I love you for it.


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Her vagina must resemble a slop bucket.


Wow, That is one tight Curve we get graded on.






things like this make me sick...


So feckless.


More like a zookeeper. Just trying to make sure the animals stay in their cages.


Judges can arrest people for not answering a question? Isn't there something in the Bill of Rights about that?
But anyways you'd think at some point she would have realized that birth control is cheaper than babies.


I almost hate to get into this, but as a New York City high school teacher, I can tell you that the widespread lack of any degree of accountability and responsibility, coupled with a ridiculous sense of entitlement is what we're looking at with this current generation. No one takes blame for their own predicaments, or even attempts to better their situations. Definitely upsets me that I find myself struggling to make ends meet and trying to set up a decent life for my fiance and hopefully future children.



Her pussy (if you can still call it that) reminds me of the cauldron from the first scene of Macbeth.

Sure if you had one baby daddy then the responsibility would be joint. But she has THREE! and 15 fucking babies. I think its safe to say she is entirely to blame for her current predicament. Luckily natural selection caters for such fuckwits and annihilates them and their genes.