Somebody has to know!!!

Okay noone really answered my previous post on this but I’m planning to start this Friday so please help. Don Alessi’s Trap program in Iron dog 209. The last exercise in the second Giant set is :“Upward rotating dumbbell shrug, alternating, unblanced grip”. The discription is:

To perform this movement, grasp the dumbbells with an uneven, unbalanced grip (use straps). Begin by upwardly rotating the right dumbbell in a circular fashion to the ear. (The upward rotation is posterior to anterior elevation.) Hold the right to the ear while you repeat the motion on the left. Then “unwind” both sides starting with the right side.

I have several good guesses on how to do this but seem to come up with contradictions. Help help help. Thanks. :slight_smile:

So noone knows? :frowning:


Keago. :stuck_out_tongue:

Okay, I think here is where you’re getting confused: “Begin by upwardly rotating the right dumbbell in a circular fashion to the ear.”

I think it should say: "....upwardly rotating the right 'SHOULDER' in a circular fashion to the ear." - since you know, it's a shrug.

SO - did I do it?! Did I explain it? Solve the mystery?! More importandly: did I win?! (sorry, NK, just having some fun...) - but seriously. I think the "dumbbell" should be "shoulder" - right? Patricia ;-)

I have absolutely no clue. But I bet you were excited to see a name in the reply list!

I can be a real dick sometimes.

This is how I’m thinking it’s done. You’ve probably already heard this from someone else, but hey…

Grasp the db’s unevenly (you should know how to do this)… rotate the right shoulder in a circular motion - back & up… and hold it there. Do the same with the left shoulder. Now you just reverse the motion, starting with the right shoulder. It’s a rotating shrug, but you alternate arms & grip the db’s unevenly. (seems simple enough… unless I’m reading something wrong) Good luck, bud!

Thanks Patricia didn’t know it was you until I saw the…well your name at the end. Yes you were correct on what was confusing me. Thanks Ryno as well. DEMODICK…you mutha fucka!!! Actually that was pretty funny. Heheh. I’m just happy I got an answer as I’m due to start that workout in…7 hours or so. Thanks again. :slight_smile: P.S. Patricia you win…the pattened marvel no-prize. Heheheh. :slight_smile:

Owwwwwww. Traps hurt. :slight_smile:

why would anyone do shrugs with ‘rotating’ their shoulders? i’ve read in a lot of books (haha, not mag’s) that rotating your shoulder could potentially screw up your rotator cuff. i’m not sure, maybe i have something wrong, but why would anyone want to rotate their shoulders during the exercize?

Well, you don’t want to ‘roll’ your shoulders. I see a lot of shmucks doing that. This is just half of a rotation (posterior to anterior). I don’t see a problem with this.