Some WS4SB Questions

So far this program has been excellent. I’ve gotten pretty good gains in a short period of time ( 40lbs on my deadlift, 30 on my floor press, and like 7-8lbs on the scale).

The only problem so far is that my Rows have not gone anywhere. I’ve also found that I seem to grow a lot better on lower reps then anything else ( my legs have grown 2- 2 1/2 inches from low rep work and sprinting, whereas my upper body hasn’t grown all that much ). So I was wondering if anyone has ever dropped the upper body rep day, and put in a ME Pull day? I was thinking ME Pull-ups rotating grips, etc every couple of week.

And how often should the non- ME stuff be rotated? I thought I read somewhere that it should be every 4 weeks, but I can’t remember. So would it be better to Follow the 2% rule with the secondary exercises or should I switch them up?

Legs growing a lot faster than upper body is possibly from lagging legs benefitting from new emphasis. Many overdo upper and neglect lower. If you had done this prior to WSFSB, it could explain the difference.

Rows not increasing - Try chins for your ME upper for a few weeks.

Don’t drop RE upper. It’s no longer WS4SB without RE upper.

I like to stay with assist exercises for long periods of time if possible and they’re improving. I will also change randomly depending on availability of the space/equipment I want. IMO this is an area where it’s no big deal… get in your 3-4 sets of 8-12 for the indicated body parts. Exact exercises are less important here.


You could add ME Pull-ups into the program, but I would just add them right after ME bench. Yes, two ME movements in one day. Or, I might rotate Pull-ups and Bench as my first movement on ME upper day. Just cut back a little on the accessory work that day. Don’t drop your RE Upper day.

Thanks for the responses. Nah If anything I neglected upper body before. I was doing chins, deads, squats, and overhead pressing for awhile. So not exactly strenuous on the upper body.

I’ll try adding in ME Pull-ups right after the bench.