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Some WS4SB II Questions


But I have a couple questions before I start, just so I'm sure that I'm doing everything right. I just have a couple questions. In working up to my max set on bench presses- well lets say my 3 or 4 rep max is 185. Would this be a good way to work up to that?
Set #1 - Bar X 5
Set #2 - 95 X 5
Set #3 - 115 X 3
Set #4 - 135 X 2
Set #5 - 155 X 2
Set #6 - 170 X 1
Max attempt set - 185X3-4 reps

And for the repition upper body day should I do max reps with 95 pounds since I can do a ton of reps with that?

And is this a good choice of excercises for WS4SB II?
Monday- Max Effort Upperbody
Flat Bench Press- Work up to a max set of 3-5 reps.
Incline Dumbell Bench Press- 3-4x6-10
Lat Pulldowns supersetted with Reverse Rear Flies- 3-4X8-12
Hammer Curls- 3x6-10
Abdominal circuit

Tuesday ? Lower Body Strength Training
Deadlifts- Work up to a max set of 3-5 reps.
Lunges- 3x8-12
Hyperextensions- 3-4x8-15
Barbell Shrugs supersetted with plate gripping (timed set)- 3-4 sets

Thursday ? Repetition Upper Body Strength Training
Bench Press- Work up to 3 sets of max reps.
Seated cable rows supersetted with Straight Arm Lat Pulldowns- 3-4x8-12
DB Shoulder Press or Side Laterals (alternated week to week)- 3-4x8-15
Barbell Curls supersetted with Tricep Pushdowns- 2-3x8-12
Hanging Leg Raises supersetted with Reverse Cable Side Bends- 2-3x10-15

Friday- Repition Lower Body Strength Training
Walking Lunges- 3-4x15 (each leg)
Leg Curls- 3-4x10-15
Calf Raises- 3x10-15
Dumbell Shrugs- 3x10-12


Everything looks pretty solid except for your exercise selection on rep. lower body...screw the leg curls, throw in a couple 1-leg lifts. And do pullups over pulldowns if possible. Don't forget those external rotations...good job though good luck.


I would choose either a different upper body ME lift or not use flat bench as your RE work. Perhaps start off using a 2 board press as your ME excercise?


I'm also under the impression for a 3RM ME you should just stick with reps above three and work your way to 3 instead of dropping to singles and going for a max triple. I think you would lose most of the possible hypertrophy element by going with easy singles until the triple.

If you were going to a max single I would think it would be find to work up that way as you are trying to get good reps over %90. The main reason its to a max triple is hypertrophy.


is it possible that he could keep going the way he's going with ME progression and then AFTER he does his max set he could do 3 sets of 3-5 with 80-90% of his 1RM?


Yeah, there are cycles like that listed on elitefts. The only thing I've noticed is that on these they switch ME excercises weekly and keep the load on DE/RE day down.


ive never done them before and my gym doesn't have boards or anything like that. how about starting off with incline bench presses instead and switching to flat after a couple weeks?

and the reason i wrote the progression that i did for weight was based on defranco's recommendations for someone going for 200x3 on their ME upperbody lift.

Set #1 - Bar X 5
Set #2 - 95 X 5
Set #3 - 115 X 3
Set #4 - 135 X 3
Set #5 - 165 X 2
Set #6 - 185 X 1
Max attempt set - 200 X 3


yeah i can do pullups instead of pulldowns. what do you mean by 1 leg lifts and where should I throw external rotations in?


1-leg lifts= unilateral exercises (gems) like 1-leg RDL/SLDL, lunges, step ups, etc...try to do external rotations or some form of injury prevention/shoulder stability work twice a week. Also, don't stick with this routine for an extended time period-i did it and stagnated, obviously. The program is great but doesnt really allow for high-frequency, hypertrophy-orientated training....depends on your goals-do you play a sport?


yeah i pay basketball and i think it will be fine for hypertrophy. a lot of people ive come across on message boards have gained muscle on this. i personally don't respond well at all to high frequency training. i have narcolepsy so i dont get enough rest to really be able to recover normally.


sure, incline works fine. boards for board pressing are easy to make, and you can just use phone books or whatever too.

I actually read an article talking about ME progressions yesterday looking into this and it seems fine as you are saying it. I personally like the thought of working to a 3RM one week and then going for a 1RM the next. Then switch excercises and repeat.

You'll probably see gains either way, just making suggestions.


What kind of plyometric/agility/running stuff are you doing? Also, Don't just take my word for it on those unilateral exercises, read up on them and get them in that program often.


none yet. i played basketball all throughout high school and im entering college next year and probably wont play. i am still considering it because i would have a 99% chance of starting at the college im going to, but i dont think i want to play basketball my first year in college, just because i want to focus on school.


good choice! yeah im gonna be a freshman at u of new hampshire next year. good luck.


I would disagree entirely. I have gained a huge amount of muscle mass on the program (my orthopedist who last saw me only three months ago gave me a lecture about taking steroids), as well as increased my strength. If you really bust your balls on each exercise and re-define intensity on every exercise most workout but don't train past failure and eat a lot you will gain a ton of mass and strength. All the Westside guys are huge, much much bigger than the average high-frequency or whole-body guy.


haha yeah obviously the westside professional powerlifters are much bigger than any "average" guy. I was merely stating my preference to higher-frequency training, but yes i have made solid gains on WS4SB as well.