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Some Words of Encouragement to Get Dialed In?


Hey mate, do you have an update on your progress??


I’m not sure you or your doctor understand how TRT works, whenever you start a new protocol, it takes 6 weeks for levels to become stable, so doing labs before 6 weeks isn’t how things are done. Infrequent injections tends to increase estrogen, not lower it in those aromatising a lot.

You should be injecting using 29 gauge insulin syringes in the shoulders and quads.


I don’t know how it works, that’s the problem


You can’t make judgements about your protocol good or bad until after 6 weeks, you should slowly start feeling good closer to 4-6 becoming more consistent at 6 weeks.


Ok thanks, I’m going to stick with what I am doing and see where I am in 6 weeks. Just feel so paranoid about crashing my E2, maybe I shouldn’t worry too much, it may not happen.


Go and get an estradiol sensitive test at that discount lab site. It’s super cheap … after 4 weeks you can compare your E2 to where you started and decipher what’s happening. Its cheap and peace of mind is everything.

After your doc does 6 weeks you have more data. Then at 10 weeks do it again… after a couple tests over the first 3 months you should be fine. If you ever have issues go get a blood test and don’t shoot on the dark with hormones. I see tons of guys do that and they come here freaking out with symptoms. I’m new and i am going to learn from their mistakes.

This way you have data monthly and you can sleep well at night. That’s what I’m doing. I’m taking a T and e2 test Monday and have been on 4 weeks. My new doc won’t take another test for 6 more weeks. I was self prescribing for a month until I picked a doc.

At the moment My nipples are sensitive but I’m taking small frequent shots. Therefore I’m not going to start an AI until I stabilize a bit more.

I am glad I know wheee my e2 started. I have a good base to work from.

Good luck


It’s also common for many long term users to say that they’d rather have high e2 than low.

High e2 can be lowered within a couple or few days most of the time. Whereas low e2 can take allot longer. The longer e2 stays low, then the longer it takes to come back.


Thanks for the input mate.
I test regularly because I am super paranoid.
I started with 125mg E7D - high e2
Swapped to 80mg E5D - high e2
Swapped to 50mg E3.5 days, 10 days ago and I can still feel the high E2 (got symptoms) , this is with 0.25mg anastrozole added - I’m hoping the E2 will settle down but it seems dosage changes for me don’t make a difference to my E2, it’s high no matter what I do, maybe it’s something to do with how Sustanon works, I’m not sure.
I have terrible insomnia since starting TRT , averaging 4 hours a night.

Before starting TRT 3 months ago, I was never
told I would also have to control E2, so I’m just
trying to educate myself. I feel really lost tbh.

I feel worse now than before I started, I’m nearly ready for throwing the towel in :frowning:


Do you have allot of body fat?


There are several docs out there that will work across the world on consultation basis and consult your doc if your up to it. Check out tot revolution as well and listen to their pod cats:videos and get there book. Very informative in teaching the basics.


I’ do carry some weight around my waist, I will be working on this


Thanks, I will take a look!


Wow! I just watched a podcast on the importance of E2 and how bad it is to block it with the use of an AI. Thanks very much for helping me to make a decision.

I have decided to drop the AI. My T was at 1100 with E2 at 56 on a dose of Sustanon 100mg every 5 days.

I have recently split the dose to 50mg every 3.5 days which I am hoping will bring everything down, does this sound feasible?

As systemlord stated, it takes around 6 weeks to stabilise on a new protocol, so I need to give the new dosage a chance to level out.

Other things, I had to stop exercising due to chronic fatigue, I now feel ready to get back to the gym, I am going to do some cardio to lose some weight around my waistline.

My diet isn’t great, I’m going to clean this up.

Lemon water every morning.

Can you suggest anything else?

Please let me know your thoughts on my plan. I am currently feeling the high E2 so I need to do something, my only concern is that Sustanon is not meant to be split, I’m reading conflicting views. I also read that splitting dose actually increases T so not sure if this means an increase in E2, there’s so many different views out there it’s hard to make a decision!



I would be interested to hear how E2 can be lowered within a few days?


Zink, fish oil with dh… there’s an article on this site. Go to menu>articles>estrogen. It has tons of info on vitamnins


Hey thanks man, which website is it, the link won’t work?


This website. Tnation.com


Hi, would somebody mind having a look at my latest blood results?
No SHBG or FT on there but if you could have a look at everything else I would be most grateful.
These were taken after a protocol of 75mg E5D with no AI. I have since switched to 50mg E3.5D, but looking at these results I don’t think I had to do this - what’s your thoughts?

Thanks in advance

@systemlord @alphagunner and anyone else??


I thought you were on a larger dosage not long ago. I was told very clearly to wait 6 weeks maybe longer to let a protocol work. Otherwise too many fluctuation and the mark will be missed.


Yes, this was taken after 8 weeks on 75mg E5D