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Some Westside Help Please!

I honestly hate to do this but im asking if any one would like to help me out with starting the west side training. I ussually train each muscle group on different days from 2-8 rep range for the majority of everything

just curouse if any one could give me a breaf outline of rep range and exercises to do for the week. ive been training on and off for two years and 7 months solid now and recently turned 19

Go read this : http://www.elitefts.com/documents/in_the_beginning_by_BobY.htm

yeah i have read this before but on max bench day it says work your way up to your max single reps thats kinda vague

i now i can bench 350 so were would i start on my singles?

aslo one more question i leave for the service in the summer should i even bother changing up my routine although i understand i have 4 months left but i fear once i get everything just right ill be off to bootcamp.