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Some Ways To Speed Recovery?


On Thursday, I managed to get out 100 bodyweight squats. As might be expected, I am sore as hell today and can barely walk. On Friday, my legs were just weak, but today they are sore and weak.

Is there anything I can do to speed up the recovery process or ease the pain?

And did I overdo it? I know they say pain is gain, but is there a point when that isn't true?


why so many squats? why not increase the weight and do lower reps?

making your muscles extremely sore won't guarantee growth, it'll guarantee you're too sore to train frequently enough to grow as quickly as you might like to.

recovery? sleep, eat, stretch, epsom salts baths, light cardio, time.

then, don't do it again. do five sets of five, of whatever max weight you can do for five sets of five.... if you want to get stronger anyway.


There is research that indicates high rep protocol is an excellent regimine for lagging body parts. Done in concert with higher weight lower rep workouts there is validity to this workout.

That said--bodyweight squats should not have floored you like this.

To answer your question about recovery, I like to keep mine active. Walk, bikeride, leg press mixed with ice, epsom salt baths are great. Don't forget the importance of post workout nutrition. This really sets up your next workout. Especially after high intensity workouts, pound down the carbs immediately after and in another meal 1-2 hours later.


good to know... there's a girl who posted in the t-vixen forum about legs being her lagging body part. i wonder if this info would be helpful to her.