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Some Vids & A Little About Myself

A couple of vids from my most recent meet:

I’m 19 years old, 5’8ish, weigh around 185 and compete at 198. I started lifting in 9th grade for football, but as the high school years went by, I realized that I enjoyed lifting and getting stronger much more than playing football.

This was my second usapl meet and it was a blast just like the first. I hit my best meet lifts going 500-270-600 with a belt and wrist wraps.

My next meet will be on April 28th, followed by Junior nationals on June 10. In order to improve, I will need to practice using a single ply bench shirt and squat suit which I’ll be getting within the next month. I also need to gain some serious weight, hopefully around 15-20lbs.

My training is similar to that of a bodybuilder without the emphasis on single-joint and machine exercises. I train the heavy lifts often through a full ROM and use compound assistance exercises. In this sport, I really look up to guys like Chuck Vogelpohl and Matt Kroczaleski, guys who strong as hell and look the part too. I read Kroczaleski’s training log religiously because his training is very similar to mine. Anyway, I’d be glad to post my training log if there is any interest. Thanks for reading.

Nice lifts man way to grind ou that squat and also the 600 DL.

keep it up.

Hell yes be interesting to see your log you ought to jump in on the one we have going westside/pl training thread


Nice lifts man!

Awesome lifts!

Nice to see some other young guys around here, although it seems you’d be able to give me plenty of pointers.

Your legs are STRONG. Work on that bench and you’ll put up damn impressive totals.

Strong, strong guy for being 19 and 185 lbs. The deadlift was seriously impressive. Keep it up man!


HA! HA! I saw your squat video and was going to respond that you needed some back work because your back seemed to be weak link in your squat.

Then I watched you pull 600 in 198s. So I’ve changed my advice: Don’t listen to me.

Actually, I would assume that you just lost position a bit, making your ascent a bit harder than it should have been. Upon a second viewing I think that you’d benefit from really working on establishing and keeping good position in the squat. And I DO think some heavy good mornings and RDLs will help you.

You are a dominant leg puller in the DL. And if you pull 600 you should be squatting more than 500 - at least not having to grind so hard to get it.

Others may disagree. But I think you are a prime candiate for box squats and - a personal favorite - rock bottom paused squats (oly style) with chains. Heavy doubles are WONDERFUL in this movement, at least for me.

I think I noted that you are lifting raw? If so, keep that up. It’ll benefit you down the road. Immeasurably.

Your bench will come. You have a GREAT foundation in the MOST - IMPORTANT - AREA: Legs. Attack it. Imrove it. Everything else will come. Mix things up with your training. Use chains, bands, boxes, pauses, back squats, front squats, power cleans, snatch DL. Variety breeds success.

Very nice DL.

Impressive, great job!


Good lifting man. Thats a big deadlift.

Nice stuff. Cool videos too.

Damn Dude!


i’m 19… i guess it’s time to play catch-up
way to grind out that squat man… beastly