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Some Vacation Pics




Dude... I'll speak for everyone here... when we clicked on this thread with sheer christmas-like excitement... we were hoping for pics of the little lady... not of you!!! So disappointed now...




Letting yourself go, Thib?

:stuck_out_tongue: ... Cannonball delts dude. Sick yoke too.


I can only post one pic at a time...










Man, I DESTROYED the all-you-can-eat buffet at the resort. I'm talking about 20 pancakes for breakfast, 4-5 burgers at noon and evening and every desert possible!!!

There was actually a ''diet'' section at the buffet... I ate my first meal there (good intentions) then it went downhill from there!


Hah, didn't you mention last time you went on vacation that you intentionally ate a bunch of pancakes or something before the beach?


Could be... I'm vain like that


Wow, what weight were you, 235? If you were that lean at 235, I can't imagine what you'd look like 227. Geez, also your wife looks pretty good, not tryna be stupid, not like those people in hollywood, so goddamn skinny.


your delts and traps are sick!


At the risk of sounding completely gay and not manly, I wasn't disappointed at all. I'm the same height as CT and have roughly the same body structure so the pics inspire me to work on myself. If I can achieve half that physique I'll be happy.

Have to make a comment about pic #3. The hair of the person sitting behind you got in the shot so it looks like you shaved your head but left a mullet-type tuft of hair in the back. Hey, I had to make fun. But seriously, you two make a really nice looking couple. It's like you both belong together. And needless to say Mrs. Thibs looks amazing.


That dude in the back is checking your wifey out.. or possibly you? LOL


Now that is motivating...Super Jacked man



...you were doing push-presses for a pump werent you?


Hey thib, What body fat percentage do you peg yourself at in those pics??? just curious.....

you look menacing....you should compete again soon


nothing like picking up a tree on a beach in your spare time :wink: haha!