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Some Useful Information: Gravel

My strongman dream is to build some weights with buckets, rocks and chains. As of now I live in an apartment so I cant pursue my ambitions but I did come across a website that provides useful information about the cost of certain items. One of the pages on this website is all about gravel and rocks used for preliminary driveways. Apparently Home Depot will sell gravel for $3.90 per 50lbs (and that is on the expensive side). Having two sandbags in my gym, I can attest to the fact that sand can get extremely messy if the bag has any damage and it can be a pain to find suitable pouches to hold the sand without leaking. Some good gravel, maybe those used on playgrounds, is probably versatile enough to be utilized for strongman related applications. If one were to buy gallon zip-lock bags and duct tape them, they could probably get 10 to 15lbs per bag at an extremely low cost. If some collars were available that had special attachments for hooks or chains, you could very easily have a set up that would allow a 600lb deadlift for under $500 taking into account the cost of the bar.


Just some food for thought. Maybe someone who has their own home will use this idea and allow me to live vicariously though them.

I made my sandbags (80lbs up to 200lbs) using army surplus duffle bags and pea gravel. They won’t leak. Large duffel bags are $8-$10 each and hold 200 lbs or more of gravel.