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Some unknown stuff

Hi everyone just a bit of a query. Has anyone heard or used “Dibecon” “Tentex Forte” or even “t-Zero” ? Call me a weirdo but I read about them in “The Stack” and haven’t got the foggiest idea what they are or anything. Cheers

“Tentex Forte” is an OTC herbal product that claims to increase sexual libido. Its active – if you truly can call them that given the product’s claimed purpose – ingredients are: (1) Ginseng; (2) Elephant Creeper; (3) Mucuna a.k.a. “Cow-Itch Plant”; (4) Guduchi; and (5) Salep Orchid. (Assuming that Dibecon and t-Zero are similar products, I’ve been unable to find any substantive information on them.)