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Some UFC Crap


On the UFC, which I do hate but was forced to watch tonight.

1) Matt Hughes needs to learn how to box. My man is a southpaw, and he's rotating into Serra's power. Never ONCE steps off to his right, just keeps moving left, left, left. Granted he won the fight, but certainly not because his standup was good. Why is basic footwork missing from this guy?

2) This cat Machida has a mean ass left hand, about as heavy as I've seen on a fighter. As a southpaw, I clapped a couple times for this.

I still hate it, but I have to say those fights were entertaining. And I'm a Machida fan now..


Irish... you hate the UFC? The organization or their policies?

On matters of Machida I agree, one BA guy.


I was very drunk when I wrote this, hence me making my own thread instead of posting on the other two.

But yea. I like doing MMA myself (and am soon going to be starting up again), but I can't watch it. Bores the ever living shit out of me. On top of that I have many issues with the typical UFC fan. These are well documented on here hahah.

But I do, however, really admire Machida. I might have to watch at least his fights.


i don't see why your opinion of the fans of a sport should affect your liking of it.


Kind of soured the whole thing. But the big reason is I just don't like watching grappling and sloppy striking. I'm just a boxing guy at heart I guess.


Irish,did you catch the Sherk vs. Edgar fight?? I'm sure you were entertained by that one.


No, I watched Serra and Hughes, and then the Machida one. When was that on?


Yeah Serra's a good striker, but his kicks? It's like watching Hughes try and box. I think MMA fighters can get sloppy on technique because there's SO much to focus on. I like watching K-1, and I like watching MMA. But Sometimes I get bored when people just lay on each other. I think the refs need to stand things up, or deduct points a little more often.

Irish, when you start fighting again, you'd better post video.


We'll see where it goes. I just gotta get back in the fuckin gym.


It was the first fight aired.....Frankie Edgar made Sherk look mediocre at best in stand-up game. Keep in mind that Sherk is always praised for his boxing(as of late)...even with his T-Rex arms.


I remember watching him on some training video on TV. Guy trains like an animal, but he's short as fuck. And as I recall got in trouble for steroids, too, which always kinda kills me.

I'll have to see if I can find it online.


Sean Sherk vs. Frankie Edgar:


Good look man, I'll check it out.


You know for a guy who fights in a karate type style lyoto has some WICKED power. I mean he dropped evans in the first round with a very short left hand, and evans has one heck of a chin. Maybe there's something to this 'chi' focusing shit after all.


Keep in mind his accuracy and timing in hitting his opponent. Machida caught him with that short left within the split second that Evans was exposed. That's some serious accuracy and timing....I'll say it again....TIMING.


This is what really caught my attention...I love following up kicks straight into punches. This is very rare in the UFC....and maybe mma in general. TIMING



I agree his timing is possibly the best I've witnessed in mma, but did you see how short of a left that was? Evans wasn't moving in towards him, and he wasn't just 'chin to the sky' either. The chi thing I'm kidding about, although I'm impressed by his metal clarity during fights. I know that without the timing power doesn't matter, but he does have some power in those hands. After all he's ko'd two previously un-ko-able guys. Evans and Silva. All around an impressive fighter.


I'm mad at Sean Sherk. If you're a freak wrestler with cardio for days and a neck that can't be choked but with the reach of a T-rex, why on earth would you try to box with people? I mean I understand that Sherk wants to prove that he's a good striker, but it shouldn't come at the cost of giving away fights. He didn't take very much damage, but he didn't deal much either.

Sean Sherk not taking someone down and smothering them would be like a 350 pound guy saying he wants to be a wide receiver and not a linesman. The Muscle Shark is one of my favorite fighters and I love watching his training vids. But watching him try to chase Edgar around a ring with his short reach was really painful.


Fightin - Hughes's stance wasn't for boxing. It was kind of a hybrid-wrestling stance, and he was circling so Serra would always be bringing his lead leg towards him to close the shooting distance. It's better for shooting in & it'll make Serra warier of the shot cos Hughes knows Serra will have noticed the stance and what it means. Hughes isn't even a southpaw. I think his striking in that round was a bit off because he was shaken up a bit after the head-clash.


Oh ok. I didn't know that. To me it seemed like Hughes was trying to trade with him a lot, and he was doing the exact wrong thing if that was the plan. Makes sense though.