Some Tips for Starting Bodybuilding

Education is the one thing which can help you to boost your body muscle as well. You have to know about diet, schooling, inspiration, and supplements etc. at least. Just follow as:

  1. Make Fitness a Habit
  2. Control Your Lifts
  3. Carry out Substance Movements
  4. Position Perfect
  5. Diet plan Like it is normally meant by you
  6. Think About Your Muscles
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Is there a question here?

Confused on what you are doing.

If you have an article, you can actually submit it to the editor if you wish.

this is just fucking weird.

Some really weird shit going on in the forum just now.


He’s a bodybuilder so we should probably listen.



It always comes in waves. Sorting out legit trolls from dummies takes a little time, but it gets done. Through in a language barrier and it’s even trickier.


Substance” movement :thinking: Is this the missing link? will this give me hella protein synthesis???

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Nah mann, gotta do full body everyday as well😑

Seriously man. I don’t remember so many odd posts and trolls like 5 or 6 years ago, but maybe I’m just more aware now?

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I’ve only been here about a year but for the last few months iv noticed a surge in trolls and weird posts. Especially the last month or so.

It’s gotta be a handful of people making a bunch of troll accounts. Either that or the T-Nation Facebook page has let them know about this site and opened the troll flood gates


I don’t think this guy is a troll, just a weirdo with very poor English. Look at the rest of his posts

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Tips for bodybuilding, by Stu

1- Get a whole lotta muscle
2- make sure that muscle is everywhere, and not just in a few places
3- get rid of all of your bodyfat
4- lose all of your bodyhair
5- cover your entire body with a pore-cloggin substance that makes you look like you ran into the Exxon Valdez
6- put on very tiny pair of underwear
7-strut around, grunting and swinging your limbs in front of strangers

Tah Dah!



LOL. omg…

OH, I’ve got a few more:

8- Buy string tank tops, cut off jean shorts and work boots so you look seriously HARDCORE when you train (@BrickHead knows how important this is! -lol)… because you’re a bodybuilder!

9- Make sure to film everything for your adoring fans on social media. They need to know every single thing you eat, or do that any other sane person might do (oil change for your car? Spend time with your kids?), but not in such a hardcore manner as you, because you’re a bodybuilder!

10- Repeat everything that you hear in terms of exercise or nutrition, without giving credit to anyone else who may have helped you or taught you in some manner, because it’s all about you! You make the message much more relevant and important with your serious, no-nonsense delivery! Because you’re a bodybuilder, and you were born with all this knowledge!


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LOL, don’t forget to also post videos of yourself grocery shopping so everyone can see how much chicken you’re buying.


Here’s a tip for starting bodybuilding:

  1. It’s all about the preworkout – you CANNOT make gainZ without a preworkout…specifically one full of caffeine.

This is the best preworkout:

Haha One picture at the gym has a guy with the jean shorts, boots and a flannel shirt with the sleeves ripped off.

He is also sitting on steps in a dark alley. Looks more like a weird sex worker than anything else.

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I’d add Otomix sneakers, a fanny pack, bandana, Zubaz pants, and cut neck sweatshirts.

8 ways to build muscle faster
See big results by making small tweaks to your training, diet, and lifestyle.

  1. Set strength goals.
  2. Keep a food journal.
  3. Focus on compound exercises.
  4. Go to bed 30 minutes earlier.
  5. Drink a shake during training.
  6. Work each muscle 2-3 times per week.
  7. Don’t neglect your legs.
  8. Eat more on off days.

What are your qualifications?