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Some Thyroid and PED Questions

So my TRT doc put me on Armour Thyroid 2 Grain (9mcg T3, 38mcg T4 per grain), because my Free T3 and Free T4 were both borderline bottom.


  1. Would bumping up my dose help during a cutting phase (if so how much)? I ask because people talk about straight T3 dosages but not on these combination forms.

  2. Would taking Cardarine help stave off the muscle catabolism effects of an increased dose and boost the fat burning effects?

  3. Since I’m getting both T3 and T4 and T4 converts into T3, any suggestions on how to boost the conversion? (I currently make sure to take the medication totally fasted and wait around 1.5-2 hours after my dose before taking in anything else, I kind of grind up the tabs before consuming into more of a powder also taking Vitamin C with it as I heard it boosts the absorption. I also supplement with Selenium and Zinc during the day and take MTS Sleep Aid at night which has ashwaghnda in it)

You can boost the fat burning effects by eating less and doing more cardio. It will cost you $0 and not mess with your current relationship with your doctor who, I will remind you, has you on these meds because he believes you need them for overall health and not just to lose weight.