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Some Things to Worry About

so a couple days ago after a heavy squat day for me i was taking a dump and my quad on my left leg cramped up and then i panicked and part of my glute and lower back started to cramp. lets just say it didnt end well but i managed not to crap on myself which is a plus

What kinds of things do you all worry about after lifting that most non-lifters would never consider worrying about?

Another story: After a rough rugby game i was sleeping and my calf cramped up something fierce along with my hamstring on the same fucking leg and it was such a shock waking up like that, that i kicked out as hard as i could pretty much to try to extend my leg to get it to stop cramping and kicked my girlfriend off the bed. All bad.
Lets here your stories

lol at kicking your girlfriend part hehe

LOLs aside well. I normally cramp when I’m not hydrated. Just drink more water for the time being?

I believe that you can solve this issue and prevent any recurrence by increasing your potassium intake(banannas for example) and stay hydrated throughout the day.

Had a bad cramp in my calf once when I was at the movies with my gf…like, really bad. After ME squat too, interesting. Now the thing wouldn’t go away for what would seem hours so maybe 2-3 minutes hehe. It left me with serious DOMS for the next 4-5 days.

First time I ever had something else than my feet cramp, and it’s nothing fun I share your pain !

I never had a calf cramp (charlie horse) in my life. But I’ve had butt and ham cramps which occur after squatting after a layoff.