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Some Test Shots Work, Others Don't. Absorption Problems?

hiya guys, i`m jus wondering if anyone else seems to feel this or have felt this, my protocall is 60mg of test cyp every three days, i feel sometimes however that some shots jus dont work? most times i have the shot and im fine till the next, pretty smooth! but some times i have the shot and within a day im crashy, anxious and tired with 0 motivation and im loike this till the next shot which “boosts” me back up again, has anyone felt this and IF they have is there any reason why a test shot wouldnt absorb like the others? i pin using inslin pins in my delts right left right left etc, it sometimes bleeds but apparantly thats not a big issue of test dropping out, any ideas?

Idk about feeling individual shots, but maybe sometimes you’re missing the muscle and doing sub q. Lots of guys react differently to subq vs intramuscular

can you explain? cheers

Google subcutaneous injection
Google intramuscular injection

A lot of people’s bodies seem to respond different to testosterone injections of those two styles. You might be coming up short, missing it completely, or this may all be something else entirely. Just taking my turn at wild guesses.

cheers im gonna do that right now

so i did a google search and it brought up a video thats ironically on this website of a dr favouring subcutaneous over intramuscular, i thought this would be the other way round? he injected test into his stomach!!! ive never seen this, i would of thought intramuscular was wayyyy better

Some people have preferences. For every doctor out there saying one is better there’s another saying the other is better.

TRT is adult legos and you can make it as complicated as you want. There are hundreds of different things you can try, everybody is different. The biggest take away I’ve gotten so far over my TRT “journey” is what works for one dude may not work for me. Everybody is different. Only way to get real answers is try and see.

ive been trying for over a year now and this keeps happening haha. its hard to tell whether its absorbing or not because some shots seem to work and some dont. i jus dont get it tbh

I injected into my lateral quad last night and bleed like crazy as soon as I took the needle out. Blood soaked a whole tissue. I’m sure I lost most of my injection with the sheer volume and pressure of what came out. Afterward I pressed on the area, I can usually feel a lump from the oil, nothing. So I would think that at times depending on how you bleed you could be losing the oil. In regards to sub-q versus IM, for me it doesn’t seem to make a difference but I pin most days. I use a 29G 1/2", and rotate six sites. Delts and quads go IM, glutes I’m fairly certain are in adipose tissue based on where I prefer to inject. And definitely a blend of doctors that prefer one over the other, but a lot will also say to just get it in your body.

How often do you pin?

thanks for the reply! i pin every third day, 60mg test cyp, using insulin pin in the side delt

Sorry about that, I do remember reading that now that you said it again haha. If you’re pinning the same spots with the same types of needles, I don’t think it would be a subQ vs IM thing. One thing I noticed with delts was leakage, the oil would leak after injection sometimes for several minutes, so much so that it would stain my shirt sleeve. Someone posted this and it helped prevent that:

image .

how can we do this though? we only have two hands haha it would be hard to pull the skin and inject at the same time

It requires some help for the delts, my wife holds the skin and I pin because I don’t trust her lol. Quads and glutes you should be good to go.

i nver inject quads or glutes ive been to hispital four out of four times ive injected quads, plus my insulin pins are too small for the, areas surely?

Wtf did you do to end up in hospital? Find a vein and send in 2ml of air???

no matter what, everytime idid my glute it came up in a huge lump or itwas so painful in the days after i had to go get it checked, i ended up taking two weeks off work the second time cause i couldnt walk

How is that physically possible? Like are you just using a sewing needle to try to inject?

I use a 1 1/4 inch needle (27G) and try to go about an inch deep with each shot. I find that when I don’t go to this depth for several shots in a row, it’s like a switch goes off and I’m not getting full benefit. I thought at first it was my imagination, but I’ve confirmed it subsequently. I don’t have a lot of fat where I inject.

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I am the same. Experimented with 1/2in, 1in and 1.5in. Best on 1in, 30g

This thread is all kinds of fucked up.

  1. Get some 1/2” needles minimum.
  2. If you bleed its because you have a bruise and you’re letting the blood out.
  3. The Ventroglute, Quad, Delts work well.
  4. This shouldn’t involve a hospital, veterinarian, ambulance, junkie or a hooker. Its a simple IM shot.
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