Some Terminology Help for a Noob, "Oxandrolonos 10"?

Hey guys, I’ve been researching a bit and trying to learn as much as possible about AAS and cycles, and I’ve also been cruising around this site trying to put in some search and read time. This lead me to a website and I have a question about a supp they sell. It’s called Oxandrolonos 10, is that the same thing as Oxandrolone, or Anavar as it’s also called? If so, why the different name?

Thanks in advance everyone


Another question I’ll add. I’m 31 years old and have worked hard in the gym for years. I eat right and put in plenty of work, and this will be my first cycle ever of anything.

Being my first cycle I have read that you really wanna make it a good one. My gut says take Anavar by itself and enjoy the benefits without bad sides that you get with stronger supps, but I’m also curious if I could add something else to get more mass out of the cycle. I’m ok with pins, and would be very sterile and safe no doubt. You vets on here, what do you suggest? I’d like to not have bad sexual sides, and after my cycle I want to go back to having good natty test like I do now. What do you guys think?

Also what else do I need to get? I was suggested to me by a member here that I have everything in order BEFORE I start so I’d like to do that.


If you’re thinking anavar only, you really haven’t done your homework. You want to do a cycle? Just go with Test first. About 250 mg every 3 days for 8 weeks. Run an AI and then HCG and Nolva as a PCT.

What is an AI and HCG?

I am also looking to get Clomid, Fincar, and Arimidex, are any of these an AI? Sorry I’m just not up on the acronyms

Clomid and Arimidex are AI or Anti E. AI is aromatase inhibitor, there are also SERMs, and others. You need these to prevent your Test from aromatizing into Estrogen. You don’t need to stack AIs. I suggest using Arimidex. About 0.5 mg every other day (EOD) or even E3D.

HCG is Human chorionic gonadotropin. It helps with keeping your testicles from shutting down and keeping your natural test production restored after a cycle.

PCT is post cycle therapy

Cool thanks man! I appreciate the help

Do you guys trust internet sources? Not looking for a source but I just want to know if some are trusted to have good quality stuff and not sell you something that’s harmful to put in your body. I’ve read ALOT of you guys threads that include blood work and I have an idea where to go

I would not personally trust an internet source for gear. I get mine from a domestic provider that i found thru a forum.

As for bloodwork, there are alot of providers. I use Private MD labs

Bloodwork can be gotten at plenty of places, both on site and online. Your best bet for a good bloodwork if going the online route is simply to read the newbie stickies and compile an exact list of stuff you will need tested and go find a decent site that will test for all of it. I wouldn’t trust basic websites as a source, you will obviously have to scour forums or look locally to find a source as those cannot be discussed here, but (and i don’t mean it in a disrespectful way) common sense will tell you all you need for buying something like steroids online. Testosterone and all other steroids are listed as schedule 3 drugs meaning that with out a scrip, it is not legal to obtain them so any site you can find online with ease that cleans to sell steroids, so can the dea therefore it’s unlikely they sell the stuff.