Some Synovex Experimentation

Trenbolone-only is not an optimal cycle because first it doesn’t seem to cover all the bases with regard to activity, needing something such Dianabol or testosterone to do that; and second because estrogen levels fall abnormally low which isn’t the best either.

It’s possible to process Synovex in a manner which almost entirely gets rid of the estrogen. For example, if using just enough hexane where a saturated solution dissolves all or virtually all of the testosterone propionate, this will dissolve only about 1/10th of the estradiol benzoate giving about a 1% solution. If this is rapidly concentrated down by rotary evaporation to say 1/20th volume, a seed crystal of estradiol benzoate added (which will cause 95% of the dissolved EB to rapidly crystallize out), the filtrate reconstituted to full volume, and then again concentrated to say 1/10th volume and allowed time for the TP to crystallize and the crystals recovered by filtration and washed, there will be virtually no EB. However this requires a rotary evaporator and so is not practical for general purposes.

I wanted something simple everyone could do with nothing at all except the pellets, vials, oil, and syringe filters.

Now I do not know the resulting percent estrogen by this method. In the hexane, the ratio of solubility of TP to EB was about 100 to 1. Vegetable oil however may not have the same properties in that regard, and if anything would be expected to be more favorable to dissolving EB than hexane is (due to being a little more polar.)

But on the original starting value of 100 to 1, and the solubility of TP in Wesson oil having earlier been established as 100 mg/mL (though I can’t recall for sure if any BA was used, I believe it was not) then getting 1 mg of estrogen along with 100 mg of TP would not be unreasonable if taking no more than 100 mg TP/day. So it seemed to me it might work simply to use just enough oil to dissolve the TP, filter, and be done with it, tolerating whatever EB dissolved. Which will be nowhere near the 10% by weight that the Synovex product itself is.

Following a method essentially the same as my posted Finaplix method, I prepared Synovex oil injectable at a nominal (planned) 100 mg/mL TP. This was done both using heat to help dissolve, and not. There seemed little difference besides it being more convenient to use heat.

There is one thing that is a pain. The resulting solution is really difficult to filter. The more time allowed to sit between dissolving and filtering, the better – allowing weeks is a good idea – but even so a 1-inch syringe filter may clog each 3 mL or 6 mL filtered. To avoid waste, draw back the syringe so as to keep as much of the solution as possible; use another syringe to back-draw high-proof ethanol or pure isopropyl alcohol through it till the EB crystals are pulled out and the filter is good again; lightly draw out then blow out the filter of the alcohol; and resume work with the original syringe. Psychologically for me it’s easier to do just 3 or 6 mL at a time and do so every few days as needed than to try to work through the whole thing at one time.

It’s possible using another type of filter maybe as a first-stage filtration only then followed with submicron might save a lot of effort. I haven’t tried that.

No benzyl alcohol or benzyl benzoate is used to help dissolve in this method. (It would be OK to add BA post-filtration.)

The non-use of BA or BB as cosolvents to help dissolve is an important point. These products would probably radically increase solubility of EB while nowhere near as much increasing solubility of TP, and so would produce a much more estrogen-heavy product. (The reason is favorable aromatic ring / aromatic ring interaction in solution between either of those cosolvents and both the aromatic ring of the estrogen steroid and the aromatic ring of the benzoate subsitutuent, with no similar interactions occurring in the case of testosterone propionate and those cosolvents.

I do not know the percent estrogen of the resulting product. Hypothetically it might be much more than the 1% starting estimation, as there is a literature report of preparing estradiol benzoate in arachis (peanut) oil at 5 mg/mL. Wesson (soy) oil does not behave significantly differently from peanut oil in solubility properties. On the other hand, I don’t know that a true solution was prepared in that literature example; perhaps it was a suspension. In any case no quantitative analytical chemistry has been done on the result.

In terms of usage findings, while using 120 mg/day TA, the optimal dose of this product for me personally – while using no anti-estrogen – has been about 2/3 to 3/4 mL per day. One mL a day seems a little too high, though the only side effect from increasing to that level is going from maxed-out sex drive to still-substantially increased.

My estrogen sensitivity is in my opinion average. For example I can take 50 mg/day Dianabol without needing an anti-estrogen, but 50 mg/day Dianabol plus 150 mg/day pharmaceutical testosterone propionate is rapidly intolerable personally even with 50 mg/day Clomid. There are others who are more estrogen sensitive than I am who would no doubt find this dose of Synovex preparation to be too high in estrogen for them, at least without using an anti-estrogen.

I absolutely enjoy this Finaplix/Synovex stack.

Oh Joy!

This is some fun stuff!
Can’t wait to try this too.
Thanks, Bill!

Sure thing! Glad to be of whatever help it is!

Of course, pharmaceutical testosterone propionate would have no disadvantages (other than pain of injection of such preparations, which this doesn’t have) or for longer cycles a typical ester would be just fine, but the Synovex is inexpensive and remains available if a contact is lost or gets busted.

Interesting ideas…

Regarding AI for Test prop from syno…
May need traditional AI (ie. arimidex) to prevent T aromatization to E, my main concern with syno would be the E already present from unprocessed estradiol. Wouldn’t one need to take an anti-E (ie. Clomid) to prevent sides from that fraction?

Just wondering as I am about to start a test/tren cycle using tren from fina (using the method/recipe you posted earlier, thank-you very much). The test prop is from syno using the ‘selective recrystallization’ method (usually attributed to Dazed). I ran a melting point test and it seems to check out OK, but I have a bunch of Clomid on hand just in case. …will also be running it with cabaser due to the tren/prolactin issues, but don’t know if that has much of an impact on sides from estro.

Thanks for the science. This really kicks ass and made my evening. I thought about getting some Synovex to mess around with, but you pretty much laid it all out. I’m honestly surprised Syn and Fina aren’t more tightly regulated.

[quote]testolius wrote:
Wouldn’t one need to take an anti-E (ie. Clomid) to prevent sides from that fraction?


You are correct.

[quote]Schwarzenegger wrote:
…I’m honestly surprised Syn and Fina aren’t more tightly regulated.[/quote]


I fear the same

[quote]Schwarzenegger wrote:
Thanks for the science. This really kicks ass and made my evening. I thought about getting some Synovex to mess around with, but you pretty much laid it all out. I’m honestly surprised Syn and Fina aren’t more tightly regulated.[/quote]

Fina is locked up in these parts. Synovex is still sold off the shelf.

You can still get both from online stores with no questions asked.

As to whether one needs an antiestrogen or not with the specific stack stated (120 mg TA per day plus 0.67 to 0.75 mL of this formulation), this will depend on individual sensitivity. Some will get gyno on nothing but 250 mg/week Sustanon or other ester. Such a person most certainly would need an antiestrogen with this.

As mentioned I think my sensitivity is average for someone not having gyno – I have never had it but have briefly had the warning sign of painful nipple sensitivity from exposure too high for me personally, and immediately ended exposure thus avoiding gyno. I think anyone who has ever had it would need an antiestrogen.

Just as a suspicion, nothing proven, I suspect that there’s some antiestrogenic activity from 120 mg/day trenbolone acetate, not in the sense of an selective estrogen receptor antagonist such as Clomid, nor probably as an anti-aromatase (which would be irrelevant with the estradiol benzoate anyway) but perhaps in the sense that DHT or Proviron are.

Certainly an antiestrogen is an entirely reasonable and wise thing to do, but not necessary in all cases and I wouldn’t be surprised if not in half of all cases – but personal experience is going to be the only way to tell. If the basis isn’t there to be confident of it, the anti-estrogen is an extremely wise expenditure.

Clomid or Nolvadex would be preferable to an anti-aromatase because an antiaromatase is irrelevant to the small fraction of the mixture that is EB.

This Dazed fellow claims to have invented or been the first to publish the recrystallization method?

By the way, melting point is not a satisfactory method for confidently disproving existence of impurities at levels such as 1%. I don’t think any home method would work. UV or NMR spectrophotometry or HPLC would work but aren’t convenient.

As Bill said, not accurate at that level, and it seems very time consuming. Maybe I misread something, but you would achieve a less than optimal yield of testosterone. It seems easier to use STB, though I’d imagine that’s pretty hard to come by, especially in small amounts.

Yes, the recrystallization method loses 10% or so of the TP, but Synovex is cheap so it’s hardly an issue. The problem is the required equipment.

I looked and looked for STB and could not find any. Careful parsing of the description of several kits indicated that they may have been using plain old NaOH. Actually, I never could get absolute confirmation from anyone I trusted that the ‘magic soln’ was, in fact STB.

In any case, my goal, along the same lines as yours, was to reduce the estro to an acceptable level. I was pretty sure that the crude melting point analysis I did was not very accurate (read several reports of the necessity of a ‘capillary apparatus’ of some sort, which of course, I did not have lying around in my kitchen). I ended up w/ about 14g of Test P…although it is intended for a later cycle, I could not resist doing a little Doctor Jekyll/Mr Hyde and trying some out on myself…with no apparent ill effects. I will find out for sure early next month and report back what happens.

Hi Bill,
I’m intensely confused by your synovex directions. You mentioned that the preparation process is very similar to the Finaplix prep, so I attempted to corroborate them, but I am still left with many questions.

I will start out with your TA recipe in order to better compare your TP recipe.

To produce 60mg/ml trenbolone acetate using Finaplix-H:
(for the sake of this example, we are using 1mg of pellets)
1)Add 1g pellets to vial
2)Add 1.67 ml BB and let dissolve
3)Add Wesson oil to produce total volume of 16.67ml

To produce 100mg/mL of testosterone propitiate using Synovex-H:
(for the sake of this example we are using 1mg of pellets)
1)Add 1g pellets to vial
2)Add Wesson oil to produce total volume of 16.67 ml and let dissolve

It seems to me that preparing TP is even easier than preparing TA. I gather from your analysis that no BB is needed in TP prep because estradiol benzoate is only marginally soluble in soy oil. The TP, however, is nearly completely soluble within this same base. Is this correct?

More questions:

1)Where does the binder go? I assume that it is non-soluble within the soy oil, and it consequently settles on the bottom and can thus be safely removed.

2)Is 16.67 the correct multiple to calculate volume? If so, is this amount added all at one time in Step 2 in the TP recipe? Or would that dissolve too much EB, and thus one would arrive at the desired overall volume in 2 to 3 stages of adding oil? I.e. the first stage would only be say 5ml oil (for example), which would be enough to dissolve the TP in its entirety while mitigating the absorption of EB. From there the EB left undissolved would be separated (how? through a filter?) and then more oil would be added to produce the desired volume.

3)How are the complicated alternative methods, such as the use of methanol to create crystals different from the final product produced via the above process?

I hope the above questions are not confusing. Thank you for your time. You have been a tremendous asset to the board.



This looks to be the only current activity on converting syno.

Im not sure if I understand properly but from what I believe I think you’re saying to just put the pellets into an oil and only the Test Prop will dissolve. Leaving the estradiol to be easily filtered out. Why didnt anyone else think of this if it’s so easy?

In the mean time can anyone answer the question if Sodium Tert-Butoxide does indeed leave the prop ester intact while removing the estradiol.

Also is 97% or less STB ok and how much needs to be added to get rid of the estradiol and do we want the powder or liquid?


Bump this for a question:

If after following Bill’s plan here, a fella wanted to add BA post-filtration, what amount would be adequate for the sake of sterilization?

Thanks, as always

A fella tried this method and it worked?
I use 2% BA on everything which is pretty common.

I have been on TrenA/TestP cycle for a little over 2 wks now.

TrenA was prepared according to Bill’s earlier article…TestP was prepared by the ‘Dazed’ so-called selective recrystallization method.

So far have gained approx 16# (192—>208) and strength gains are remarkable…at least 15% across the board in just 2 wks.

Running .5mg cabaser e3d for any prolactin induced gyno (although it is liquid cabaser from a research chem co, which I now understand to be ineffective due to cabaser’s reactions w/ water or alcohol).

I was running .5mg arimidex eod (again from a research chem co…efficacy unknown) and I did start having some bloating problems, which seem to have resolved w/ a couple of days of pharma grade aromasin.

All in all - VERY pleased.

Although I was able to successfully get over 14g TestP from the recrystallization method, it was a pain in the ass, and if it is as easy as simply dissolving syno into oil and filtering, that would be a much more convenient option.

Now, from Bill’s original post, I understand that he estimates the solubility of TestP in veg oil to be about 1mg/ml, which conforms to my personal experience, and solubility of estradiol benzoate to be somewhere between .01-.05mg/ml,

and my question is…where does this figure come from? …just like to confirm for myself before I throw a hundred dollars worth of cow pellets into a beaker of wesson oil.