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Some Stuff Just Don't Add Up...


Yes, this is another I, Bodybuilder thread.

I've been reading CT's locker room since he started it and really appriciate the information he shares with us. I, also, appriciate the fact that he is willing to change his opinion and evolve as a coach.

I usually write down stuff I find important and the other day I looked back at where the para-workout protocol first was:

  • BCAA 40 minutes before
  • Anaconda during
  • Surge after

He repported great results with that protocol, two weeks later it was that FINiBAR thing. And yes, maybe the newer one is better and I'll have to find out for myself if the old one is worth doing or not. But the results they are reporting were created on the protocl #1 now they are at protocol #5. So they wont through a lot of different protocols and DURING that time they gained whatever.

Pulses were first between the meals, now it is constant sipping of Anaconda + some extra before the meal and etc. This stuff are changing as rapid as my high-threshold units firing in the glutes when I squat.

This is no objective measure to that protocol as it was a combination of different protocls, not only nutrition, but also training ones.

All this makes one wonder what the heck....


Lol, this game is simpler than you think.


Well that depends.. if you just want to have a decent body and done - i agree.




Quadforce - There are a lot of reasons why protocols change. It could be your body adapting to the current program, revised goals, or simply because you become bored with the same routine.

You need to find what works best for your body. Some people respond very well to pre-workout meals or intra-workout products whereas others do not.

What is your current protocol? Perhaps we can use that as a starting point to tweak your individual program.


I also remember that some day he told me that protein cycling looks good on paper but doesn't work in real life, but things change bud.


So you think it has to be as complicated as this guy is making it seem? I agree that it's not just shut up and lift, but seriously...cmon.


I don't think it has to be that complicated to be a big improvement over the normal preworkout nutrition. In fact, I know it doesn't, having tried simpler versions.

I do think that CT has presented what he believes, on the basis of trying various things and always striving to improve, to be the best that is currently known. And I expect that he is generally correct that improvements he has introduced over time are indeed improvements.

But for example, he made plain that if one isn't going to (for example) use the Finibars for whatever reason, the general protocol is still 80 or 90% as good, as his estimation, and my approximate memory of that estimation.

Generally speaking, the qualitative thing of engaging in this type of loading with timing and amounts generally like this is more important than exact quantitative features.

It is not the case that missing a timing by 5 minutes, or using a little less, or even for example keeping all the same but omitting the Finibars, is going to give drastically inferior results.

By the way, always a good method in evaluating a supplement or protocol is seeing both happens when introducing it, and what happens when dropping it.

Not with regard to the preworkout nutrition in general, but in regard to the amino pulsing, I "had" to drop that on account of it being the case in the last month that it would have been unwise for me to put funds into buying casein hydrolysate.

Omitting the two amino pulses per day has definitely correlated with poorer results, just as adding them correlated with improved results.