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Some Sort of Injury... Serratus?

So around 3 weeks ago i was just playing some volleyball (ya i know it doesnt belong here but i dont know where else to put it) and this muscle next to/behind my lats started hurting. i think its called the serratus.

i ignored it and today, during an especially hard hit it felt like it was on fire and i knew i had to stop. i think i weakened it doing pull ups but i never felt it while doing them. now it burns every time i rotate my arm in that motion.

i was just wondering if this was a tear or a strain or whatever and a good way to treat it while still being able to workout.


Sounds like rotator cuff to me though it could be serratus.

You need to see a profesional, ideally a sports medicine doctor or physio as most GPs will just tell you to take NSAIDs, rest and ice.